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Tour to Rick’s Cafe – Travel Guide & Tips

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What to Expect

Rick's Cafe is one of Jamaica's most famous and coolest hotspots. What should be so special about a restaurant? Well, Rick's Cafe is located on the cliffs of the west coast of Jamaica with a direct view of the Caribbean Sea. Large catamarans also stop off the cliffs daily to visit Rick and his cafe.

In 1974 Richard Hershman opened its doors for the first time, and it was the first public bar and restaurant on the West End Cliffs. In 1988, Hurricane Gilbert hit the island and completely destroyed the Cafe. It was rebuilt, but Hurricane Ivan in 2004 destroyed it again. However, Richard persevered and rebuilt it again, even bigger and better.

The cliff jumpers are an absolute highlight in themselves. People jump into the sea from various heights, from low to dizzying to daredevil. The best part? You, too, can jump into the water here. That's right, you too. And don't worry, there are even lifeguards with scuba gear waiting in the water. If you are adventurous and want to jump a few times without the crowds, come already around 2 pm. But watching is just as much fun, and you will see some brave ladies and gentlemen jumping.

Towards the late afternoon, it fills up in and around more and more. Besides a great view of the Caribbean Sea, delicious cuisine, and the brave cliff jumpers, Rick's Cafe is famous for its fantastic view of the beautiful Jamaican sunsets. In keeping with the sunset, the in-house band plays every evening. Good reggae live music in the background, a cool drink in your hand, and a brilliant sunset – what more do you need?

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Even if you don't want to jump, watching the jumpers with this beautiful view really doesn't get any better than this. Everything is offered here: Action, excitement, delicious food, drinks, and breathtaking sunsets. All accompanied by Jamaican music. Definitely not as busy when it rains, but never empty. The Cafe is fully accessible.

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Duration & Cost

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Tours are offered from all over Jamaica. Whether by bus or a catamaran, this is how popular this excursion destination is. The total duration depends on the distance, but you can spend at least 2 hours at Rick's Cafe, including sunset, of course. There are also combination tours like the catamaran tours, also there you don't have to worry about anything and can enjoy completely. Some tours even snorkel beforehand; there is so much to see and discover at the cliffs.


The best combination takes at least 4 hours and prices start at 60 US-Dollar.

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You can just take a cab to Rick's Cafe and stay as long as you like. It gets packed 1 - 1.5 hours before sunset. Therefore, be there a little earlier and enjoy everything in peace. After sunset, except for special events or weekends, it gets emptier again. You can't walk there because there are no sidewalks.


There is no entrance fee. Since it's a cafe, you can't bring food with you, and if you occupy a table, you can order something. However, you can enjoy everything standing up, and don't spend any money.

Where to Stay Near Rick’s Cafe?

How to Get There

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You can combine several highlights: snorkeling, diving, catamaran, hummingbird garden… These combination tours are really worth it because you get to see the absolute highlights in and around Negril and can sit back and relax. Get picked up from your accommodation and driven back home. It doesn't get more relaxed than that.


You can quickly get to Rick's Cafe by cab (approx. 5 USD from Negril); everyone knows the bar. Some hotels offer a taxi service within Negril, sometimes even free.

What to Pack

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