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The Ultimate Cuba Packing List – What to Bring to Cuba

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Important for Cuba

Are you flying to Cuba soon? Indeed, your anticipation is already huge! But maybe you're wondering what to pack for Cuba? Actually, there are a few things you need to remember when you pack for Cuba.

You'll definitely need a travel adapter. Also, pack plenty of sunscreen and after-sun. Cuba is not a shopping mecca; apart from souvenirs, cigars, and delicious rum, you won't find anything to buy here. Drugstores and department stores, as you know them, do not exist. Therefore, take enough shampoo and other care products with you.

We wish you a fantastic time in Cuba!


Packing Helpers


You are not allowed to bring your drone into Cuba (but you can rent one in Cuba). Your luggage will be scanned, so include it in your customs declaration. The drone will then be deposited at customs; unfortunately, the process can take several hours. You will be given a pickup slip for the day of your departure, where you can release it for a fee. 

Health / First Aid

Pack headache pills and something for your stomach and intestines. Not because you will need it, but because in Cuba, there is not always every medicine in every pharmacy. According to the motto: Caution is better.




We won't tell you to bring X number of t-shirts and X number of pants, because the quantity is quite individual. You can have your clothes washed easily and wonderfully conveniently at Casa Particulares. What you should pack, and you will love it: clothes made of natural fabrics like linen or cotton. This way, you can perfectly protect yourself from the sun and mosquitoes. It is never cold in Cuba; however, it can get chilly by the sea. Take a light sweater or scarf with you.

Here you can find an inspiration list for your luggage: 



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