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TOP 15 Survival Tips for Your Stay in a Hostel

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1   Private Room?

Many hostels offer private rooms, which are often not much more expensive than a bed in a dorm. It is a good option for two people and usually has a private bathroom. 

2   The Best Dorm Bed

If you have a choice, here is a summary: The lower bed has the advantage that you can hang a sheet in front of it and thus have a little privacy. The upper bed has the advantage that no one will walk by you at night. A bed at the end of the room means fewer people are walking along. Next to the window means fresh air or just drafts and cold. What is your favorite?

3   Padlock

A small padlock is very useful to keep your valuables and passport safe. Yes, in most hostels, you can borrow one for a fee. But even when traveling or flying, it's handy to be able to lock your backpack or suitcase. Clear winner: combination lock and flexible wire. For this, the wire rope/steel is also beneficial because there are not always lockers. Make it around your backpack and then to a fixed object—alternatively, a pack safe.

4   Powerbanks

Unfortunately, not every bed has a power outlet: stupid problem but a simple solution: a powerbank. Meanwhile, there are super light and powerful models.

5   Universal Travel Adapters

Did you know that there are more than 10 different sockets and plug types worldwide? Yes, there is one or the other trick, like using a cotton swab, but this is not a reasonable and safe option. The best solution is a universal travel adapter. Meanwhile, you can charge several devices at the same time. 

6   Earplugs

At the latest, while sleeping in a dorm, you will appreciate the advantages of earplugs. These little things are worth their weight in gold.

7   Sleeping Mask

Sleep masks are absolutely ingenious not only in the dorm but also on plane or bus rides. Because your eyes relax much better in complete darkness, your sleep will be more restful, and any light source can be completely indifferent.  

8   Headlamp

Whether you come home late at night, have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, or are still looking for something in your backpack. There are far more situations, even outside the hostel, where a headlamp is super helpful. We take ours with us on every hike, and more than once, we were glad to have it; it belongs in every backpack and suitcase. 

9   Silk Sleeping Bag Liner

A silk sleeping bag liner is perfect. Small, light, thin, warming, and so comfortable on the skin. Some bedding is scratchy; I am always doubly happy about my silk sleeping bag. So light and space-saving and can also be repurposed as a blanket or curtain. 

10   Microfiber Towel

Some hostels will give you towels; some won't. Or you have to pay a fee to borrow them. A microfiber towel dries extremely fast, is lightweight, fluffy, all-purpose, and lasts forever. Ours have been with us for more than 6 years, look like new, and are our favorite companions on the beach as well.

11   Toiletry Bag

Super convenient to have all your toiletries in one bag. When buying, make sure your toiletry bag has a hook, so you can hang it up. Many compartments and water-repellent we find the most practical. So everything has its order.

12   Flip-Flops

Flip-flops are one of the most practical shoes ever. You can wear them everywhere, and I was happy to have them more than once. You can also see them at the beach and in the café – universal! Tom's favorite is this model, and mine is this model – I even go swimming in the ocean with mine.

13   Foldable Bag

Foldable bags are so handy: for shopping, as a beach bag, for your dirty laundry, for provisions on flights and bus rides, as an extension of your luggage, and for your clean clothes for the shower stalls. Eco-friendly, durable, washable, and space-saving wonder bags. Our two have been with us since day one, and we'll never give them up.

14   Backpack or Suitcase?

There are advantages to both backpack and suitcase. We started traveling with backpacks and switched to suitcases, both in a carry-on size. For us, it is more practical and better for our backs. In addition, we found it annoying to carry the backpack with clothes in the back and the daypack with the rest of the stuff in front of the belly. Just try both in stores. 

15   Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are our space wonders. And not only that, thanks to them, we keep order and overview. In one bag are the swimwear, in another the pants, and in one all the tops. It fits enough inside, and you can expand it or compress things. Packing has never been more beautiful. 

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