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THE BEST 12 Travel Accessories For Long Flights

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1   Travel Outfit

Your shoe pinch, your pants squeeze when you sit, and the tag in your shirt scratches. The cozier and more comfortable your travel outfit, the better. That doesn't mean you should get on the plane in pajamas with slippers. Comfortable trousers (women / men), a soft shirt, and a hooded jacket or cardigan are perfect. Comfortable and adaptable to the temperature. Add those comfortable shoes (women / men) – perfect. And if you wear that outfit just for flying, it's absolutely fine.

2   Amenity Kit

Pack an amenity kit in your toiletry bag in your hand luggage: Moisturizer, deodorant stick, toothbrush, toothpaste, and eye drops – especially if you wear contact lenses. This way, you can freshen up during the flight and before landing. You've flown, and you haven't had a wild night of partying – so you don't have to feel that way. All the products come in travel sizes, so it's easy with the liquids. Pack a pain pill and something for your stomach, too.

3   Noise Canceling

Noise-canceling headphones – the best sound meets zero ambient noise – genius. Whether the larger ones with a headband over the head or the in-ear noise-canceling headphones. Some batteries last up to 17 hours – you first have to find such a long flight. 

4   Powerbanks

I don't want to miss my powerbank anymore; too often, my charging port in the plane was broken, and not only helpful during the flight, but also at the vast majority of airports, there are still far too few charging options. Whether the small, lightweight version, with a built-in cable and a 1,500mAh battery, is usually sufficient for one charge. Or a battery with more capacity, 10,000mAh, and more, enough for several charges.

5   Kindle

Yes, the smell and feel of an actual book are unique and irreplaceable. But packing half my suitcase full of books? No. That's why I switched to a Kindle for traveling, and I have to say, I'm thrilled; it might already be over 10 years old and still runs perfectly. With the lightweight, long battery life and integrated light, you can't take half your library with you on your travels any better or more practical.

6   Support Stockings

Wear support stockings during the flight. Yes, it sounds weird, but it makes a huge difference. No more fat, heavy and tired legs when you land. I don't have any problems with it per se, but after using the stockings, I feel light as a feather when landing. The minimal movement, the constant bending of the legs, and the reduced air pressure all cause problems for the body. Flight thromboses occur more often than we think and not always with symptoms; they can also be silent.

7   Earplugs

The heroes of the night: earplugs. They reduce noise to a minimum, and you no longer hear airplane noises, galley noise, or snoring. The new generation of earplugs also helps you with air pressure discomfort. They protect your ear from fast and strong changes in air pressure. You can wear them throughout the flight or use them 30 minutes before takeoff and landing. They also reduce noise and are available for children.

8   Sleep Mask

A sleeping mask helps your eyes, and therefore your body, relax. Complete darkness is important for falling asleep and staying asleep. Even if you don't sleep, the relaxation and rest are much greater with a sleep mask. And whether the person sitting next to you is still watching movies or not, you won't even notice.

9   Neck Pillow

The best invention for traveling: the neck pillow. Finally, sleeping on the plane is a lot more comfortable. Test which neck pillow suits you the most; the choice is enormous. Maybe the inflatable neck pillow, which takes up minimal space. Or instead, a neck pillow filled with microbeads because that gives stability and can be shaped – there is also a secret compartment. And then there are the luxury pillows: Travel pillows made of memory foam – cuddly like a perfect soft cloud. 

10   Travel Blanket

Make yourself comfortable. Pack a cozy travel blanket – light, soft and foldable. Especially when the air conditioning in the plane cools everything down, you can just snuggle up nicely in the blanket. Such a travel blanket is also practical for bus rides or on the sofa – a real all-rounder.

11   Footrest

Footrest, also here applies: small part and huge comfort gain. It's so much more comfortable, thanks to the elevated leg position. There are fantastic travel models you can use at home too. With the inflatable footrest, you decide individually how firm or soft you want it to be. Or how about the model for hanging? Also small, handy, and super comfortable.

12   Foldable Bottle

So simple, but almost everyone forgets: drink enough water during the flight. The body and skin dry out much faster in an airplane. Dehydration can lead to headaches, and you don't want that. Be sure to pack one of the best collapsible bottles, fill it after the security check or have it filled on the plane. Small, light, practical, and gigantic.

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