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Is Business Class Worth the Extra Cost?

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1   It Costs More

A seat in business class is at least 3-4 times more expensive than in economy class. 

Let’s assume a flight ticket for Economy costs around 450 Dollars; in Business, you are at least 1,600 Dollars. So you have to pay a lot more for luxury and space. Check out the price differences yourself on our price comparison portal:

2   Upgrading with Points?

You can collect loyalty points and then use them for an upgrade with many credit cards. That sounds like a neat idea unless you could redeem points another way. If so, think carefully about what adds the most value for you. 

3   Upgrading with Miles?

Almost all airlines have a loyalty program where you can earn miles and get free upgrades. If you fly infrequently, it will be challenging to earn miles.

4   Airplane Remains Airplane

The food, space, and comfort are definitely better in business class. However, the plane stays the same noisy, and the air remains the same dry no matter where you sit. And instead of buying that expensive ticket, treat yourself to luxury somewhere else.

5   Not All Lounges Are Great

Want to buy a ticket for one of the airport lounges? Read the reviews beforehand, because they are often crowded and at the other end of the airport, and sometimes the food is worse than elsewhere. The ticket should be worth it.  

6   Why Use Priority Boarding?

Why do you want to be first on the plane? To wait half an hour or even longer for take-off? It doesn't make sense, even if you fly business class; the one drink more? Enjoy the time and especially free movement at the gate as long as possible!

7   Is Business Class Worth it?

Personal opinion: for short flights, anything under 5 hours, it's not worth it. For longer routes, it's certainly worth considering. In the end, it comes down to your priorities. Think about what's important to you. Check out our tips on how to stay relaxed and refreshed on a long-haul flight.

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