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Is Premium Economy Worth the Cost?

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1   What is Premium Economy

Premium Economy often means slightly better than the economy and nowhere near as good as business class. The name is entirely different from airline to airline. So they are called: economy plus, economy comfort, or even premium economy. This can cause confusion. For the airlines, by the way, this intermediate class is the most profitable. A flight in Premium Economy is almost always sold for the double price of Economy class, but you don't get 50% more space and comfort. The seats have a better recline than in economy, but it's still a long way from lying down.

2   No Common Standard

It's not just the different name designations that bring potential confusion, but also the lack of a common standard. Each airline decides for itself what “premium” means for them. Wider armrests, more space between the rows, more baggage allowance or just a free middle seat, and a few centimeters more legroom – all possible. But the good thing is, all airlines have an overview on their websites of what you can expect in which booked class and what benefits you get around it.  

3   Compare

For you, it means: comparing and researching. How much will the upgrade cost you? What do you get for it? Is it worth it for the flight time? 

4   What Does an Upgrade Cost

The prices vary so much that we can't give you a meaningful answer to this question. There are always good daily deals and promotions that are worthwhile. 

5   Conclusion - Is Premium Economy Worth It?

In our opinion, the added value from Economy to Premium Economy is too low, especially for shorter routes or day flights. And if you're flying at night, look for a good deal on business class – because you can stretch yourself there. But, should you find a cheap upgrade to premium economy, take it. 

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