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The 9 BEST Beaches in Cuba

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Super soft and bright sand meets crystal clear water. Shadows of the palm trees and a coconut in your hand. Cuban beaches are paradise pure. And every beach has something unique to offer. Whether you're looking for more hustle and bustle, or you want to see an amazing underwater world, or you're looking for maximum tranquility – we promise you one thing: you will find your absolutely perfect beach in Cuba! Get an overview along with the cardinal points, starting with the beaches in the north near Havana.

1   Playas Del Este Near Havana

About 14 miles (22 kilometers) from Havana, you will find the first wonderful sandy beaches with everything your heart desires: shady spots, all kinds of sports activities, quieter corners, and all kinds of dining options. Whether by bus or one of the fancy vintage cars, you can get there quickly and cheaply, perfect for a lovely afternoon. Playas del Este is composed of several beaches, and each one is popular for something different.

Playa Bacuranao is the spot for kite surfers and divers because you will find a huge variety of fishes around the colorful reef, and you can even explore a Spanish galleon. Playa Santa María del Mar, but everyone just says Santa María, is the trendiest and the busiest. There's always something going on here: music, massages on the beach, restaurants, and many sports activities.

Playa Boca Ciega is right next to Santa María and is also known as Playa Mi Cayito. Here you will find little infrastructure, but there is always something going on. Playa Guanabo is a beautifully authentic, relatively untouched beach to relax. The sand is rather dark, and the one or other piece of seaweed will say hello to you, but the atmosphere here is simply heavenly.

2   Varaderos Beaches

The nature on the Península de Hicacos is phenomenal. The sand is even softer, and the water sparkles even more than on any other Cuban beach. This is where the country's most popular beach resort has emerged: Varadero. If you are not a huge fan of beach clubs and hotels, you will find your luck near the Laguna de Mangón and the cave Cueva de Ambrosio – it is definitely less touristy there.

3   Islands Jardines Del Rey Island Chain

What could be better than one island? Well, more than one. That's exactly what you'll find here, and the best part: they are all gorgeous. The most popular are Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo; they are the hotspots for kite surfers, especially from December to April. On top of that, both islands are also very famous for their breathtaking coral reefs and their inhabitants. Whether you prefer diving or snorkeling, both are incredibly fun here.

Cayo Coco

Named after a rare bird, the ibis, called Coco by Cubans. All the beaches on Cayo Coco are beautiful, the most popular being Playa Flamencos and Playa Mojito. In total, you have 11 beaches to choose from and some secluded sections that are not so easily accessible, for that you could be here all alone.

The choice of activities is enormous: diving, snorkeling, kite surfing, kayaking, fishing, sailing, glass-bottom boat tours, and bird watching tours. In addition, there is a Rocarena Climbing Center and even a disco in a cave, La Cueva del Jabali.

Cayo Guillermo

On Cayo Guillermo, you will find the dream beach, Playa Pilar. Famous for its 50 ft (15 meters) high sand dunes, which are among the largest in Cuba. But they are not “normal” dunes because they have become solid hills over the millennia. Playa Pilar is also perfect for snorkeling; there is much to discover, from starfish to colorful fish.

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4   Playas De Guardalavaca

Guardalavaca is known for its beautiful beaches. What is special here? You will not only meet foreign tourists and there are not only hotels to stay in. The whole atmosphere is so more natural and authentic. We enjoyed every single sunset to the fullest.

5   Playa Ancón Near Trinidad

Not far from Trinidad (about 10 km / 6 mi), you will find the most beautiful beach on the entire south coast of Cuba. You can even bike there from Trinidad; it takes about 40 minutes. Bright and powdery sandy beach and clear, turquoise water are waiting for you as a reward.
A paradise for snorkelers and divers, the variety of species and colors of fish is simply heavenly, thanks to the beautiful and colorful corals. The sunset is an absolutely fantastic experience and very famous.

6   Playa Tortuga On Cayo Largo Del Sur

This beach makes an absolute dream come true for many because away from the sand and sea, you will see turtles here! But it gets even better: they also lay their eggs here, which you can observe with a lot of luck – with enough distance. Iguanas also live here.

7   Punta Francés On The Isla De La Juventud

The spot par excellence for all underwater world lovers. An extraordinary variety of colors and species that you can admire here. The beautiful coral reefs, with the most colorful fish you can imagine – are simply magnificent. By the way, it is because the island is a national park. Therefore, there are no hotels here and no crowds.

8   Maria La Gorda

In the province of Pinar del Rio, at the westernmost tip of Cuba, lies Maria La Gorda. A small, absolutely delightful stretch of incredibly fine sand, crystal clear, and light blue shimmering sea with lush, shady palm trees. May we introduce: paradise on earth.

9   Cayo Jutias And Cayo Levisa Near Viñales

You can reach the small islands ideally from Viñales. Both islands promise one thing: velvety, powdery fine sand with pleasantly warm light blue water and tranquility. Ok, that was more than one thing, but it all had to be mentioned. It is absolutely fantastic here, and the slightly longer journey is so worth it.

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