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Tour to Floyd’s Pelican Bar – Travel Guide & Tips

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What to Expect

Imagine the craziest place for a bar. How about: on a cliff, in the middle of the trees, in the desert, or in the middle of the ocean. Can't be done? Does exist. Floyd's Pelican Bar is really and truly in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. You see here what you can build from driftwood, palm fronds, junk, and scrap wood on a few stilts.

Floyd had a dream at night of a bar in the middle of the ocean, and he actually built that dream in 2001. At first, it was just a little hangout for him and his fisherman friends to play dominoes over a cold drink. 

But it didn't take long for the story of the bar in the incredible place to get around and for everyone to want to see it for themselves. By the way, the bar got its name because there are always pelicans sitting next to it on a rocky sandbar.

In 2004, unfortunately, Hurricane Ivan completely destroyed the bar. But the community came together and helped Floyd rebuild. Less than a month later, the bar was standing again and has weathered every hurricane since. 

The best thing about the bar is the feeling it gives you. Because you don't need fancy cocktails or fancy food, you don't need an exquisite ambiance to feel good. The closer and simpler a person connects with Mother Earth, the more relaxed and easy-going one's existence is, the more comfortable and light one's heart is. It doesn't take much to be happy.

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Wow. Just wow. You should definitely visit this place. Floyd's Bar is a one-of-a-kind genius bar in the world. Enjoy the view, sip your drink, enjoy your food and play at least one round of dominoes – even if you can't. It is an excursion where you get in harmony with nature and yourself.

Trips in nature are usually a little less enjoyable when it rains. In case of light rain, fine, if the waves become too strong, better postpone the visit. The sea serves as a toilet, pure nature. Physically, the tour is not strenuous; only the transition from the boat to the Bar is more difficult for some. Therefore, not really an option for a stroller or wheelchair.

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Duration & Cost

Organized Tour

There are single tours from Treasure Beach, which take about 4 - 5 hours. A combination tour for Floyd's Pelican Bar connects several highlights: YS Falls, Appleton Rum Estate Rum Tour, and/or Black River Safari. So you see and experience all attractions together, brilliant. Depending on the tour, you can plan between 5 - 8 hours. Food is either already included or at least scheduled with the organized tours.


The price for a single tour starts at 90 US-Dollar. The price for the combined tours starts at 130 US-Dollar, depending on the tour package and your pickup location.

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You can also just visit the Bar yourself, by boat. It is located about 1.6 km from the land and can be reached from any location. The Bar is perfect for a half-day trip.


A boat trip from Parotee Point costs about 14 US-Dollar per person.

Where to Stay Near Floyd's Pelican Bar?

How to Get There

Organized Tour

Depending on which tour you have booked, you will start earlier or later at your accommodation. You will be picked up, and transportation between points is also organized. You don't have to worry about anything, so sit back, relax and enjoy your vacation.


Floyd's Pelican Bar is located about 1.7 km (1 mi) from land and can be reached by boat. From Black River city it is about 11 km (6.8 mi) and from Treasure Beach about 19 km (12 mi). You can take a boat from there or go to Parotee Point and grab a boat cab.

What to Pack

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