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The BEST Jamaica Itinerary – Sightseeing & Activities

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The Itinerary

Jamaica is a breathtaking natural paradise, with exotic food and a good pinch of spiciness and infectiously relaxed people. “Out Of Many, One People” is the national motto. Enjoy the beauty of the Blue Mountains, unwind in the coolest bar in the world, the Pelican Bar, be brave and drive Bob through the Jamaican jungle high above Ocho Rios, and be enchanted by the glistening waters of the Luminous Lagoon.

We have summarized our 17-day Jamaica itinerary for you and picked out suitable offers. So you know not only the highlights and hidden gems of the island, but also the prices. You can find all stops and all tips here in an overview. Let us inspire you and plan your dream vacation in Jamaica according to your wishes or travel the itinerary 1:1. Everything is possible, whether with more or fewer beach days, more or less time in Negril, with or without an overnight stay in the Blue Mountains!

Stop City Days Distance to next Stop
1 Montego Bay 3 62 mi
100 km
2 Ocho Rios 4 63 mi
101 km
3 Port Antonio 2 55 mi
89 km
4 Kingston 2 86 mi
139 km
5 Treasure Beach 2 62 mi
100 km
6 Negril 4 50 mi
80 km
7 Montego Bay 0

Walked: 106 mi (170 km)

Driven: 392 mi (631 km)


Your Day–to–Day Plan

Day 1 - 3: Montego Bay

“Mo-Bay,” as Montego Bay is called by its inhabitants, is the tourist center of the country. Several James Bond movies were filmed here – no wonder with the picture-perfect beaches! Doctor's Cave Beach is very popular, a fantastic coastal strip with fine powder sand and turquoise blue sea.

Whether luxury resorts, beautiful small boutique hotels, marinas, or classy golf courses – here, no wishes remain unfulfilled. Enjoyment is also a priority: you will find many delicious restaurants and bars on the Hip Strip and while you turn night into day, you can watch airplanes land.

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Visit Doctor's Cave Beach and Bathing Club

One of the most famous beaches is Doctor's Cave Beach, with beautiful fine sand and crystal clear water. A renowned osteopath claimed in the early 1920s that the water had healing powers, and since then, the beach has become even more popular.

Enjoy a Catamaran Tour

A catamaran tour, especially in Montego Bay, is a magnificent sailing and snorkeling experience, always along the coast. The colorful underwater world shows itself here incredibly wonderful. In addition, the Caribbean sun and Jamaican music – an excellent experience.

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Day 4 - 7: Ocho Rios

“Ochi,” as affectionately called by its inhabitants, is a colorful and lively small town. Formerly a very sleepy fishing village, until the shipping companies discovered the place and its phenomenal nature, cruise ships dock regularly.

You won't find any historical buildings or museums here, and as soon as you leave the tourist part of town, everything seems a bit more chaotic and more jumbled. But you visit Ocho Rios for the huge and only variety of recreational opportunities in nature.

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Visit Mystic Mountain
Games, fun, excitement, a fantastic view, and lots of nature perfectly describe Mystic Mountain. The chairlift takes you high above “Ochi.” You can blow off steam in a climbing park, go zip lining, watch beautiful hummingbirds and learn about Jamaica's rum history in the museum.

Have you seen the movie “Cool Runnings?” It's based on a true story, and you can experience the fun and action on the wooden bobsled track in the middle of the jungle. Enjoy a delicious cup of Blue Mountain coffee with panoramic views of Ocho Rios and swim in the infinity pool.

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Enjoy Glistening Waters

If you want to experience something really crazy and super rare in the world, this is the place to be. You can swim in glistening waters. Not only does it glow in fantastic blue, but it also glistens. Why? Because there are tiny microorganisms living in the water, they feel disturbed by your movement and then glow so fascinatingly.

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Visit Dunn's River Falls

Near Ochi you'll also find Dunn's River Falls, which you can actually walk up. Mother Nature has truly created them in a staircase shape, and it is great fun to climb from the end to the beginning. One of the coolest places we've ever been. Bet you climb up more than once. For relaxation afterward: just go to the end of the waterfall, because it ends in the ocean, next to a beautiful beach!

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Day 8 - 9: Port Antonio

How to describe Porty? Back To The Roots, with a good pinch of sand, water, music, and jerk. You can fully enjoy the beauty of nature thanks to the absolute remoteness of the region. This corner of Jamaica has always attracted the rich and beautiful. Because this region is simply magical and acts like a balm on the soul.

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Visit Reach Falls
Be sure to visit the beautiful Reach Falls. You can discover them via the official trail, including the famous Rabbit Hole, or you take the unofficial trail with small water slides. Both ways are fascinating and a lot of fun.
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Relax at Boston Beach
You can sunbathe, swim, surf, jump off cliffs and enjoy the sunset especially well at Boston Beach. By the way, Jamaica's spicy “jerk-style” cuisine originated right here, on this very beach. Enjoy it!
Day 10 - 11: Kingston

A colorful and vibrant city full of joie de vivre, dance, and music. In 2015, UNESCO designated it a Creative City of Music. In recognition of the important role, Jamaican music has played in shaping the city's economic, political and cultural identity.

Kingston is also the financial, economic, and industrial center of Jamaica, providing a contrast to the very relaxed pace of the rest of the island. The cityscape is marked by contrast: modern buildings against dilapidated architectural relics. Fires in 1862 and 1882 and an earthquake in 1907 severely damaged the city and destroyed almost all of its historic buildings.

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Visit Bob Marley Museum

The most famous reggae singer, Bob Marley, lived in a lovely house on Hope Road from 1975 until his death. Today this is the Bob Marley Museum, a tribute to the music legend and his works. You'll see his awards, furniture, stage costumes, photos, and instruments.

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Hike through Blue Mountains

Another highlight is the Blue Mountains and Blue Mountains Coffee. Be sure to book a tour to this picture-perfect corner of the island. Enjoy the nature, the fresh air, and the view over Jamaica and in good weather, even to Cuba. A cup of Blue Mountains coffee tastes even better here, if that's even possible.

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Day 12 - 13: Treasure Beach

Billy's Bay, Frenchman's Bay, Calabash Bay, and Great Bay are the four beautiful bays called Treasure Beach. Each has its own charm, everywhere you hear reggae music and find lovely colorful cafés – an absolute paradise region.

If you are looking for peace and relaxation, you will find it here and promptly forget time and place. Original, pure and unadulterated. You are a guest here, not a tourist, and everyone will have a little chat with you. You can feel here intensively “Out Of Many, One People” in Jamaica's national motto.

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Visit Black River and Sister Lou's

One of the most brilliant tours in all of Jamaica. The Black River is truly black due to its peaty bottom. You will see many different birds; our absolute favorite is the Jesus Bird because it can walk across the water.

But the highlight of the Black River is the impressive crocodiles. If you're lucky, you'll also see baby crocodiles. Some tours also visit the nursery – they're really cute when they're that small!

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Enjoy Lover’s Leap

Named after a romantic-tragic legend about two enslaved people in love who fled to avoid being separated. When they arrived at the steep cliffs, they decided to jump into the infinity of the night.

Today, this Lover's Leap is a romantic place with a lighthouse. It is loved by the locals and visitors of the island. With live music, dancing, and local cuisine, you can enjoy the absolutely breathtaking view.

Relax at Floyd's Pelican Bar

Imagine the craziest place for a bar. How about in the middle of the ocean? Doesn't exist? Yes, there is; Floyd's Pelican Bar is actually in the middle of the ocean. Floyd dreamed of this bar one night for chilling out for himself and his fishing buddies.

Today, this place is one of the coolest bars in the world. Be sure to bring a souvenir and decorate the bar with it, and have your name immortalized in the planks!

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Day 14 - 17: Negril

Negril is the mecca for tanning lovers, water sports enthusiasts, and the honeymooners. Many luxury resorts and boutique hotels have secured a spot on the world-famous Seven Mile Beach.

But there's also plenty going on at the cliffs. Here, the underwater world is breathtaking, with so much to see and discover. And then there's Rick's Café, where tourists and locals bravely jump off the cliffs.

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Catamaran tour with snorkeling and sunset

This tour has it all: nature, relaxation, sailing, snorkeling, and a phenomenal sunset. Get on the catamaran and enjoy the view over the Caribbean Sea, the sun on your skin, and the fantastic view of the Negril coast.

Let us show you the breathtaking underwater world and swim in natural pools. Jump off the cliffs at Rick's Café and enjoy the beautiful sunset.

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Glass bottom boat, parasailing, jet ski, and more

If you're looking for a little sport and action: Water skiing, banana boat, sailing, kayaking, parasailing, or a tour on a glass-bottom boat? Aboard this unique boat, where the bottom is transparent, the trip goes over reefs and corals, and you see the schools of tropical fish and rays. The water sports offer really leaves nothing to be desired.

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Visit Barney's Flower & Hummingbird Garden

Amidst the greenest trees and most colorful flowers lies Barney's Flower & Hummingbird Garden. It's a paradise for every hummingbird and hummingbird fan. You will receive a bottle of nectar to feed the hummingbirds when you arrive. A unique and phenomenal experience when these tiny wonders of nature fly up to your bottle and drink. You can observe them up close.

How to Get Around

One important thing in advance: there is left-hand traffic in Jamaica. In addition, some roads are very winding and often lack sufficient streetlights.

From City to City
Long-Distance Bus

The Knutsford Express buses will bring you comfortably from A to B. Get on and relax. The buses are modern, and clean, and you can buckle up. Take something to wear on the bus – it can get chilly. You can book your tickets online.

Rental Car

With a rental car, you are very flexible. But keep in mind the left-hand traffic and the narrow and winding roads. Therefore, driving times can be longer than expected. Some roads are in bad condition and not recommended in the dark, as road markings are missing and streetlights are rare. When it rains, you should drive very carefully or not at all, because one or the other road is heavily flooded or full of debris.

Route Taxi

Perfectly recognizable by the red license plates and on the side of the car is “Route Taxi”. They drive longer fixed routes, so you can use them to go from city to city, but you have to change buses more often. You share them with up to four other passengers, so you pay less than with a regular cab, but run the risk of sitting more cramped. Tell the driver your final destination, and he will help you change buses (if necessary).

Local Buses

Local buses are rather small vans. They have red license plates with “PPV” or “JUTA” written on them. They leave when all seats are filled. You can get from town to town with them, perfect for medium-length routes. If you need space, pay extra for your luggage and keep a seat next to you. When the bus is emptier, distances up to just under two hours are doable with it. We've also had to pile in on some trips, which went for just under a 10-minute ride. Our record was 21 people in the minibus + driver + oil drum. There is no stop button; you have to shout “one-stop, please.”

In the Cities

You can walk during the day in some Jamaican cities, better not in the dark. Then you better take a cab with the red license plates and the letters “PP” or “PPV.” Without them, they are not licensed, and you better not use them. They operate within the cities, and you pay when you get out, ask beforehand how much the ride should cost. Stand by a road; if there is room, they will stop independently.


Most tourists do not need a visa for Jamaica. If you require one, you can quickly check here and see how long you can stay in the country.


Jamaica is a relatively inexpensive country in the Caribbean. Whether you prefer to have a rental car or take the Knutsford Express to explore the island makes a difference in comfort, effort, and budget. Jamaica offers many phenomenal luxury resorts with always fantastic views and classy restaurants. Likewise, every town has a fine little hotel or hostel and affordable eateries.

For your budget:  Plan for you alone at least 40 – 50 US-Dollar per day.

We spent this for 17 days in Jamaica for 2 people:


2235 $

106 $ / day


451 $

22 $ / day


121 $

6 $ / day

Food & Drinks


648 $

31 $ / day


1015 $

48 $ / day

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Best Time to Visit

Temperatures are between 79 – 90 °F (26 – 32 °C) during the day, and water temperatures between 79 – 84 °F (26 – 29 °C) all year round. The high season and driest period are from December to April. The rainy season is from May to June and from September to November.

Packing List

For your trip to Jamaica, we have a few packing tips that are definitely worth it!

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