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Are Packing Cubes Worth It? – The Complete Guide

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1   Organizer Bags

These form-fitting and handy bags are helpful, especially when traveling with a suitcase. Most come in a set and have a mesh insert to see exactly what's in which bag. You don't even have to unpack them when you're in the hotel because their texture means your clothes have plenty of room and organization. 

2   Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are ingenious packing aids. Thanks to these bags, you easily keep order, and they protect your things. Mostly, you can buy them directly in a set of different sizes. 

3   Compression Cubes

Compression cubes are regular packing cubes, except they have a second zipper. You close the zipper and press the things together and the air out. This way, you save a lot of space in your suitcase; you wouldn't believe how little space a cube with t-shirts actually takes up – ingenious.

4   Travel Vacuum Bags

Practically the queen among the space-saving bags. You pack your things in one of the plastic bags, close it and then suck out the air. And wham, you can practically pack your small suitcase with twice as much clothing. The travel vacuum bags come with a miniature device to suck the air out of the bags. 

5   Saving Space?

With regular packing cubes, it depends on how you pack them. If one has only your pants in it and the other only tops, and odds and ends between your cubes, then you haven't saved anything – maybe even the opposite.

However, if you end up with all bottoms, including underwear, in one cube and then tops, including swimwear, in the other cube, you save space and keep some order and clarity. With the compression cubes, you save a lot of space, and thanks to the ingenious travel vacuum bags, the whole closet fits with you on your travels.

6   Advantages and Disadvantages?

One advantage of packing cubes of any kind is that they are tidy. It's so easy to do with them! If you use them alongside different sizes and different colors, you know exactly which piece of clothing is where – no longer searching. 

We use them in the hotels, too, because I don't want to put my underwear in every drawer. The biggest drawback is that the clothes can wrinkle if you don't pack properly. Too tempting is: stuff it in and close it. 

7   Everyday Helpers

Packing cubes are also practical in everyday life. For a change of clothes for sports or tidying up your briefcase, so your cables don't fly around. The small space wonders are also super stable; I always have an empty one in my bag and use it as a shopping bag.

8   The Best Ones

Look for a thin yet sturdy material; water-repellent is also very practical. Buy a set of different sizes to have the perfect packaging for all your things. Different colors facilitate the overview immensely. Whether you prefer the type form-stable pannier or instead packing cubes, compression cubes, or even travel vacuum bag, you have hopefully found out thanks to this article.

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