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THE 21 BEST Jobs That Get You Paid to Travel

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1   Work on Cruise Ship

From the kitchen, to service, to health, to the animation team, to tour management, to the entire technical area – there are countless exciting jobs on a cruise ship. It's an excellent way to see exotic places, make many contacts, and gain experience. Food, lodging, transportation, and insurance are all paid for – time to save some serious money. You will find a good range of jobs on All Cruise Jobs

2   On Board of a Yacht

You should not be seasick because here, it rocks more than on a big cruise ship. If that's not a problem, could you imagine spending a few months on a yacht or sailboat in the Caribbean or Mediterranean, and maybe even crossing the Pacific? Your meals and accommodation are taken care of. Perfect for saving money. Beginners are also welcome, and the deckhand or steward jobs are entry-level positions that pay well. Jobs on board of a Yacht you can look for on Yacrew and Bluewater Yachting.

3   Resort Jobs

Resorts worldwide hire employees from all countries for various positions, including front desk, restaurant, and activities and entertainment. The more languages you speak, the better. You should definitely have an extroverted personality, at least when working. Search for job offers on Resortjobs.

4   Working in a Hostel

Have you ever thought about working in a hostel? You don't need any experience, you get to know many people, you can stay for free, and you might even get a small salary. Just ask in the hostels if you can take over a shift – it's all pretty relaxed. You'll either work at the reception or cleaning, or maybe both. It's a great way to see the world, save money and perhaps even earn something.

5   Tour Guide

It may sound strange to be a non-local and introduce tourists to a place, but it is anything but unusual. You should not be shy, and you should know a few words in the local language. Ask the local tour operators directly for jobs.

6   Travel Escort

Many tour operators are looking for travel companions. You should like to work with people, stay calm in stressful situations, and like to talk. In return, you will see the world and meet many people. The pay varies, and training per se is not necessary. 

7   Work in a Travel Agency

Travel agencies sell vacations and recreation and relaxation. You should know the destinations you offer, so you spend some time traveling. Often even for free on so-called FAM trips (familiarization trips). Employees are wanted worldwide. 

8   Flight Attendant

Constantly flying around the world, getting to know different cultures, and always seeing new cities. Discount on airline tickets and hotels. The life of a flight attendant seems pretty exciting and glamorous, but consider the unusual working hours. 

9   Traveling Medical Staff

Just admiring the sunrise in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, you plaster an arm shortly afterward. This can happen when you work as a traveling medical staff. You can find suitable jobs on Indeed.

10   Volunteer / NGO work

Volunteering or jobs at NGOs help you to give a piece of love and support to the people or animals who need it so badly. The work will wonderfully shape you. But remember, these jobs are mentally exhausting, a real challenge, and not well paid. The best places to look for volunteering are WWOOF, Worldpackers and HelpX.

11   Au Pair

On the one hand: food, a place to stay, and pocket money are given for the support of the host family. On the other side: a lot of responsibility and also household activities. You should not only like children but also be able to work under pressure and take out an au pair insurance. In return, you will get to know the country and the culture particularly intensively.

12   Teacher

Teachers are always in demand. There are many places where you can teach: in a big city or in areas where education is relatively poor. Even as a non-educator, you can earn money as a tutor or assistant teacher. It's an excellent way to discover foreign countries and cultures. You should have a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification if you want to teach English. There is also an increasing demand for online teachers. You can check out Verbal planet to teach languages online.

13   Yoga / Pilates

Do you practice Yoga or Pilates? You could travel the world teaching it. There are several options for either “freelance” or working with gyms or all-inclusive resorts. Goes without saying if you're a Zumba, Salsa, or personal trainer.

14   Surf Instructor

As a surf instructor, you can travel the world and earn money. Unfortunately, surfing is not possible everywhere, but the possible places compensate immensely. You can combine your passion with your job – it doesn't get any better. 

15   Diving Instructor

Another fantastic way to travel the world with your job is to work as a diving instructor. There are many beautiful diving destinations worldwide – Hawaii, Australia, Egypt, Mexico, Thailand, Fiji, Indonesia, and many more. Your chance to work in paradise and make your hobby your profession.

17   Photographer

You can work as a freelance photographer in hotels or for tour providers, or offer your working time on social networks or various platforms. (https://de.fiverr.com/) Photo tours are becoming increasingly popular, and online photography tutorials are also an excellent way to earn money. You can also upload and sell your images on various platforms, including to clients, for use in magazines, books, brand campaigns, or websites.

17   Videography

Are you into the moving image? As a videographer, you can also combine work and travel. You shoot marketing films for tourism associations and travel brands, try your hand as a YouTuber or offer your skills on social networks. Good drone pilots are always in demand, so how about getting a drone?

18   Translate

You can either offer your services as a translator online or offline. Translate websites, flyers, or documents for your respective clients. And every local restaurant and business will be happy if you correct their spelling and grammar on signs and menus, and by the way, you can test the cuisine or get paid.

19   Work in Cafés

It is always worthwhile to ask in cafés, restaurants, or bars if support is needed. Just ask in a café that you like; even if they don't need help, they might know some places that need help. You should speak the local language, so you might have to invest in some language lessons. 

A super plus point: you will immediately get in touch with locals through your colleagues and guests. Besides the salary, there is often even a tip – all in all, a super job. These jobs are often used for moonlighting, don't do it! Because in some countries, you will end up in jail, be expelled from the country for a long time, and/or have to pay a hefty fine.

20   Festival Work

You don't have to be an artist or producer to be part of festivals or events worldwide. You just have to work: Lights, sound, set-up, organizing, supervision, and many more opportunities. But don't underestimate it, you don't have much time to party.

21   Construction Worker

If you have an education in construction, you can travel the world working. Craftsmen are always in demand worldwide and are well paid. A reputable employer will organize the correct visa for you or help you. These jobs are often used for moonlighting, don't do it! Because in some countries, you will end up in jail, be expelled from the country for a long time, and/or have to pay a hefty fine.

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