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TOP 15 Digital Nomad Online Jobs for Remote Work

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1   Teach Online

Teachers are always in demand, and the need for online teachers continues to grow tremendously. You can often determine the time and duration of the lessons yourself. Most classes last a good 30 minutes. The more qualified you are, the higher your starting salary; otherwise, experience and hard work will increase your salary. You can check out Verbal planet to teach languages online.

2   Translate

You will then translate websites, flyers, or documents for your respective clients. The pay is not high at first, but there is definitely a lot of upside potential. The huge plus point is that time zones are irrelevant. 

3   Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants handle scheduling, customer support, administrative support, email marketing, social media posting, blog management, and more. 

4   Transcription

You write the lyrics to audio files. This is a highly demanded field in which you don't need to have any previous experience. The faster you can type, the better. The starting salary is not high, but it increases. Also, in this job, you determine your working hours. You can find a large selection on Scribie.

5   Data Entry/Maintenance

Data entry/maintenance jobs are not complicated and are therefore also super suitable for beginners in the digital field. Time-wise, the tasks are flexible and can be done independently of time zones. If you are interested in a data entry job, then have a look at Clickworker.

6   Social Media Management

Many local business owners don't know this area well or don't have the time. Do you know about social media and love to use it? Then how about a job in social media management? Whether it's as an employee in an agency or self-employed, it's all possible. The more you are in a niche, the better. 

7   Writer

Don't panic; you're not supposed to write a book. You are supposed to write articles for different websites, from product pages of companies, over article descriptions, to whole travel articles. You can register for magazines, newspapers, product websites, or travel guides. You'll find your perfect corner in this field, whether it's more non-fiction, technical descriptions, or colorful travelogues. 

8   Blogging

If you love to write – how about a blog? Of course, you don't have to start a travel blog just because you travel. Write about anything that interests you. Be authentic. You can make money from ads, selling products, paid content, affiliate marketing, and more.

9   Photography

Whether you've been taking pictures for a while or in the beginning stages, offer your skills on social media or various platforms. You could also develop and build photography tours or online tutorials for beginners or advanced photographers. Or upload and sell your images on multiple platforms, including to clients for use in magazines, books, brand campaigns, or websites. 

10   Videography

Are you more into the moving image? You can also work as a videographer regardless of location. There are endless possibilities, whether marketing films for tourism associations, travel brands, or weddings. 

11   YouTube / Instagram

These are both brilliant platforms to get the word out about your passion. Whether it's sports, fashion, yoga, or travel – report, explain, and show what you enjoy. Even small accounts can quickly land collaborations. Regular contributions are significant. Of course, you can't reinvent the wheel, but that doesn't matter. There's a piece of the pie for everyone – so don't worry, even the umpteenth account on fashion, travel, yoga, sports, and so on will find its followers.

12   IT Jobs

This area is the best known and largest for location-independent work. There are quite a few well-known platforms where you can offer your skills: CodeCanyon (scripts, plugins) and Themeforest (WordPress, HTML, CMS) allow you to show your product; for contract work, you should use the relevant freelancer exchanges.

13   Graphic Design

You have mastered the art of visualizing ideas and conveying the message? Whether it's designing logos, websites, or banners. A fantastically suitable profession to work independently of location. You can't do it, but you are interested in it? There are many tutorials on the net to learn it on your own.

14   Trading

Depending on your strategy, you are bound to the stock market times. You are an interested novice in the field? Develop basic knowledge and reflect on which area the most interested. 

15   Poker / Betting

Playing poker and betting for a living? Whether online or at real tables/betting shops. Sounds almost too good to be true?! It requires hard work, skill, knowledge, patience, and luck. Moreover, it is not allowed in all countries. 

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