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10 Common Travel Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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1   Wrong Destination and Weather

Bali is a popular destination in December. Why we don't quite understand. Because it's in the middle of the rainy season, and if you're unlucky, it rains for days straight. That's why before you book, check the weather. Too wet, too hot, and too stormy are all things you don't want on your vacation. It's your time and recreation, so everything should be just right.

2   Not Enough Time

What is most important to you on your journey? Once you know that, focus on it and see how you can make it the absolute highlight. Maybe you really want to see Niagara Falls. Then don't plan an afternoon for it, but spend the night right there. There are great hotels with a view of the falls. Make your highlight a dream come true.

3   Expensive Accommodation

Whether you want to stay in a hostel or a dream suite, it's always worth comparing prices. Why pay more when you can get the same room cheaper somewhere else? And some hotels offer complimentary breakfast when you book directly. With some booking portals, you can collect bonus nights and redeem them in the future. So seriously, who likes to pay too much?

4   Ultra-Cheap Flights

Don't book cheap flights because the absolutely ridiculous price often ends up in a big black hole that steals your money, time, and nerves. Paying extra for food and your luggage, you have horrible flight times, minimal legroom, and you must change planes 3 times. Cheaper is not relaxing or sensible and ends up costing more.

5   Not Preparing a Flight

Whether you fly economy or first class, both times, you can arrive relaxed or exhausted. Preparation is the name of the game. What do we mean? Have all your essentials handy, so you don't have to keep going to the carry-on compartment. Book your perfect seat. Make yourself comfortable, and don't forget the care package.

6   Forget Documents

Don't let your vacation end before it even begins! How could that happen? It's quicker than you might think: passport expired or doesn't have enough space for a visa, lack of health insurance abroad, or missing vaccinations. Therefore, check all your documents and papers and the requirements of your destination carefully. Nothing is sadder and more expensive than being turned away at the airport.

7   No Planning

Spontaneity or not, you need to plan and organize in advance at some points. You can't book a rental car in Cuba spontaneously, you have to prepare for the glowing waters of Bioluminescent Bay in Puerto Rico by the moon, and you have to book tickets for the Diamond Head Crater Hike in Hawaii in advance. You see, a little research before is necessary.

8   Late Bookings

You should book your accommodations early enough because it doesn't get cheaper or is even booked out already. Then you must dig deep into your pocket or live far away from the city. In short, it is not worth waiting.

9   Closed Doors

Nothing is more annoying than standing in front of closed doors. Time and way were in vain in this case. Yes, tomorrow is another day. But what if you have to travel further tomorrow? Make sure to check the opening hours online for your highlights.

10   Getting Lost

Sometimes it happens faster than you think, and you get lost or lost your way. It happened to us several times, even once in the middle of the night – on foot in the middle of nowhere. We wandered for hours until we found a hotel, and the night porter called us a cab. Since then, we've downloaded the offline map to our phones for each destination. We also take a screenshot of the data from the hotel and take one of their business cards with us; I just say empty phone battery.

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