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TOP 17 Ways To Make Your Flight More Enjoyable

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1   Direct Flight

Hard to give a general answer because both options have pros and cons. With a direct flight, you just get on and arrive. Great for night flights; just sleep, and wake up at your destination. 

If we can choose: We like to board in the early morning and arrive in the afternoon, we are a bit tired and get into the new time zone easier. We also like transit flights more because we can walk in between, and time flies by. Even though there's a risk of missing the connection.

2   Transit

Do you have to transit? When you book your flight, make sure you have plenty of time to change planes, especially if there's a chance of snow, for the sake of your wallet and stress level. It's better to have one more coffee than to miss your flight.

3   Online Check-In

Online check-in is the magic word. It allows you to reserve your preferred seat. If the plane is full, book a seat far forward, then you get your meal early and can sleep afterward. Plus, that's where a plane shakes the least. If there are a lot of empty seats, book a seat in the back. This is because the plane fills up from front to back. This way, your chances of finding a free seat next to you are higher. Here you can see which seats are the best for each type: Seatguru

4   Early at the Airport

You're sitting in the car, panicking and checking your watch every few seconds because you're just about to leave, and you're stuck in traffic and could miss check-in? Pulse at 200 and sweat running. Doesn't sound like a relaxed start. Next time, be at the airport way too early and have 3 coffees, eat something or watch a movie. Better way too early than missing the plane and buying a new flight.

5   Lounge

You don't have to fly business class or be in a frequent flyer program to enjoy the relaxation and luxury of an airport lounge. Lounges also offer hourly tickets, which you can buy on the spot or online beforehand.  

6   Comfy Clothes

Nothing is more annoying than pants that are too tight, a scratchy tag on your shirt, or shoes that pinch. The more comfortable and cozy, the better. That doesn't mean you should get on a plane in your pajamas and slippers. There are so many chic and comfortable outfits for traveling.

7   Layering

Air conditioning on ice-cold and suddenly temperature sauna infusion. Sahara or ice age – there is nothing in between. Do you always feel the same way on a plane? No idea how and why the temperatures change so quickly. And why? The only solution: a two-piece look. That means a T-shirt with a cardigan, thick socks in your hand luggage, and a packable warming jacket depending on the weather.

8   Support Stockings

It might sound strange, but they make an incredible difference: support stockings. Minimal movement, bent legs, and reduced air pressure take a toll on your body. And you don't have to belong to the risk group to suffer an airplane thrombosis, which does not necessarily manifest itself through complaints, but can also proceed silently.

9   Amenity Kit

Cream, deodorant, toothbrush, and toothpaste – pack an amenity kit in your carry-on. Also, eye drops, especially if you wear contact lenses. That way, you can freshen up during the flight and won't feel like you've had a wild night of partying after you land. All products are now available in travel sizes, so it's easy with the liquids. 

10   Noise Canceling

Some inventions are so ingenious: noise-canceling headphones. Sound quality meets zero ambient noise – phenomenal! Whether the larger over-the-head headphones or, the smaller versions. Some work up to 17 hours – you'll have to find a flight that long first. 

11   Earplugs

Earplugs reduce noise to a minimum. You no longer hear airplane noises, no noise from the galley, no snoring – they're a real lifesaver. If you generally have problems feeling pressure in the air, you should reach for the new generation of earplugs. These relieve air pressure discomfort because they were developed to protect the ear from rapid and sharp changes in air pressure. Insert in time before takeoff and landing, or wear them throughout the flight. They also have a noise-reducing effect and are also available for children.

12   Neck Pillow

A neck pillow like this makes sleeping on a plane much more comfortable. Test which neck pillow suits you the most; the choice is enormous. Maybe the inflatable neck pillow, which takes up minimal space. Or instead, a neck pillow filled with microbeads because that gives stability and can be shaped – there is also a secret compartment. Travel pillows made of memory foam are so cuddly and yet stable. If you like it even more cuddly: how about a soft travel blanket

13   Sleep Mask

A sleeping mask helps your body to relax completely. It gives you the illusion of darkness, essential for falling asleep and staying asleep. Even if you don't sleep, the relaxation and rest are enormous with a sleep mask. 

14   Entertainment

You've wanted to read that book for ages and finally finish listening to that fun audiobook. Right now, up there in the air, you finally have the time. Take the time before your flight and see what you feel like doing on the plane: Books, audiobooks, download movies or buy puzzle books.

15   Snacks & Water

It sounds simple, but almost everyone forgets to drink enough water during the flight. That's because your body and skin dry out faster on planes. Dehydration can lead to headaches, and you don't want that. Here you can find the best collapsible bottles; just fill them after the security check. Also, the food on board is often not tasty or nutritious. That's why our best tip is to pack some delicious snacks. And if you don't eat them on the flight, you'll have a midnight snack in case of jet lag.

16   Emergency Kit

Pack all your essentials (car keys, wallet, cell phone, charging cable, etc.) in your carry-on. Plus your toothbrush and co, fresh underwear and a shirt. Why? Around 90,000 suitcases are lost every day worldwide. Crazy, isn't it? Of course, many will be found, but the question is when. With the emergency kit in your hand luggage, you can relax and wait for your suitcase and don't have to get things right away.

17   Transport

Nothing is more annoying than standing tired and flat at the airport and no cab far and wide. The bus doesn't run anymore either. There is no Wi-Fi either. And now? Organize your transport in advance and arrive relaxed. 

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