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TOP 9 Tips How To Fly More Sustainable

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1   Do You Really Need to Fly?

Flying often seems like the easiest and fastest option. The sheer flight time may be short, but you must drive to the airport, get there early, wait in line at security, wait for your luggage after landing, and get out of the airport. Flight delays or even cancellations are not uncommon either. How about the alternative – public transportation?

2   Direct Flight

It is more environmentally friendly if you book a direct flight and do not fly any detours. Often direct flights are more expensive, but they are also much shorter. The same applies to cars, buses, and trains.

3   Compensate

Several organizations and airlines allow you to offset your carbon footprint. In the form of donations to NGOs, which use these funds to support climate protection projects worldwide: atmosfair. Some airlines also offer this option when you book your ticket – we don't recommend it. Instead, donate to an organization directly. 

4   Pack Less

The heavier the aircraft, the more fuel it requires. Of course, your lighter suitcase does not change the entire industry. But if each of us packed less, some thousands of liters of kerosene are quickly saved, and let's face it, you never wear everything anyway. 

5   Less Plastic

Every meal and drink adds to plastic waste. Pack a reusable bottle, bring your food and use reusable boxes or eco-friendly packaging. Each individual can take responsibility. 

6   Pack Yourself an Amenity Kit

Sure, those little amenity kits from the airlines are handy. But toothbrushes, earplugs, and socks are things everyone has at home. So just pack them yourself in a small bag and put them in your carry-on. This way, we all avoid many disposable items and environmental protection.

7   Protect Your Luggage

Instead of having your suitcase wrapped in tons of plastic every time for a lot of money, buy a recyclable and individual luggage cover. The selection is huge and will also help you find your suitcase much faster. We are huge fans of this.

8   Take Longer Vacations

Instead of taking 4 short weekend trips a year and flying back and forth, stay longer at one destination. Or find a destination from which you can travel by public transportation.

9   Electronic Boarding Pass

It sounds like a small thing, but pay close attention to how many still fly with paper copies of their boarding passes. Always point out that you don't need a printed boarding pass when checking in at the counter. Many little things add up quickly to a big one; save paper and ink with this.

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