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TOP 10 Travel Scams and How to Avoid Them

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1   Smudged Clothes

You are walking down the street and suddenly bump into someone. Food or a drink lands on your clothes. The other person is super sorry, apologizes several times, and wants to clean your clothes as best as possible. In the process, your watch, cell phone, wallet, or all of the above disappears. Everything happens fast, and by the time you notice it, the person is already gone along with your belongings. 

2   The Gift

Someone approaches you and wants to give you a rose, a bracelet, or a holy picture. As soon as you touch the gift, they demand money, and if you refuse, they make a loud scene. Whatever someone wants to put in your hand, do not accept it! We even recommend that you refuse, because if you ignore the people, it can lead to a fuss.

3   Ask for Change

You are asked for some change, and the moment you take out your wallet, the person snatches it from your hand and runs away.

4   Fare Usury

The driver forgets to turn on the taximeter, which is allegedly defective when asked. Or, on arrival, it shows an exorbitantly overpriced price. It has happened to us, and from experience, the only thing that helps is to discuss or, in the worst case, to threaten with the police. But think about how much you want to stress and how much money is at stake.

5   Photographer Trick

You're standing in front of a landmark, and someone offers to take your picture. While you're positioning yourself, the person runs off with your phone. Haven't experienced or seen this yet, but have heard it before. That would clarify the raison d'être of selfie sticks, right? Personally, we would instead ask women or families for a photo. 

6   Damage to the Rental Car

When you return the rental car or scooter, the rental company finds damage to the car and wants you to pay for the damage and not give you back the deposit. At the same time, you know very well that you did not have an accident. Always book your vehicle with comprehensive insurance; it will save you a lot of hassle. We book it online, but it is also possible on-site. 

7   Fake Tickets

Someone offers you very cheap tickets, and it turns out they are fake at the entrance. With luck, you will get new tickets on the spot. Never buy tickets on the street, because the trouble is too big if they are fake. Always buy at the official ticket office or on the official website.

8   Flirting Ladies and Gentlemen

A nice flirt, a hot dance, and suddenly you're alone – along with a big bill, and your wallet is missing too. Keep your belongings with you and your glass anyway. We've only been told a story like this once; believe it or not, it was in one of the safest cities in Germany – Munich. Such stories can end even worse!

9   Wrong Bill in the Café

You are sitting in a café and want to pay. The waiter calls out the amount you pay, and afterward, you realize you spent way too much. We learned the expensive way and now always insist on a bill and check it too. Especially in the first days with a foreign currency, absolutely a must! 

10   Thieving Motorcycles

While standing at the intersection or walking down the street, a motorcycle whiz by and steals your bag. We have experienced this ourselves, so our most important tip: leave your purse at home. Instead, take a backpack or even a plastic bag. You should carry your valuables as close to your body as possible. Money belts are safe, flat, and not visible even under a white shirt.

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