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THE 5 BEST Expert Tips for Buying a Backpack

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1   What Size?

First, pack and weigh everything you want to take on your trip. That way, you already know the weight you want to fit in your backpack. Most stores also have weights to fill and test. This test will give you a basic feel for your best size. Sleep about that, and plan a second visit in a few days. 

2   How Does it Fit Properly?

The backpack must fit perfectly from the start, but how? The back length of the bag is essential. This means if you have a short back, you need to buy a small backpack. A backpack with a back length that is too long for you can pinch and lead to back pain. In addition, the hip belt is essential. Because you carry the weight not on your shoulders, but on your hips. Additional padding in the area of the pelvis is brilliant. Therefore, there are backpacks, especially for women.

3   Is the Material Important?

The material of your backpack is essential. It should be made of a durable and sturdy material that is resistant to tears. Therefore, most backpacks are made of polyester (lightweight) or nylon (durable). Make sure all straps are padded and adjustable. 

4   Are Accessories Necessary?

You need a rain cover. Some backpacks come with it; some do not. Backpacks are water-repellent, but only repellent. We also recommend at least one carabiner, so you can easily hang your water bottle or shoes on it and have your hands free. 

5   Buy Online or in a Store?

Online it's much cheaper, and you will find much more variety. If you buy it online, ask in the next store with backpacks if they can adjust it for you if you pay for that. If you buy it directly in a store, they will definitely adjust it perfectly for your body and the weight you plan to carry. Because with an adequately adjusted backpack, you save a lot of energy and protect your back and neck.

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