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Port Antonio Travel Guide – Things to Do & Insider Tips

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Port Antonio – Perfect beauty of Nature

Porty, as the city is often affectionately called, and its surroundings, are a real insider tip. At first glance, everything seems like a small, sleepy village; somehow, it is entirely different. “Back To The Roots” with a good pinch of beach, water, music, and jerk probably sums it up best.

Known as the Banana Capital, the town and its region saw boats come and go by the minute to ship the precious fruit out into the world. Along with the ships came visitors, and it wasn't long before the small village and its picturesque surroundings became a popular vacation destination. Actors, millionaires, and famous artists enjoyed the beauty of nature, and many had imposing villas built or bought, some stars even entire estates.

You can fully enjoy the raw and pure beauty of nature thanks to the quiet remoteness of the region. Over the years, the region has become even more beautiful. Be sure to visit the scenic Reach Falls. You can experience them via the official trail, including the famous Rabbit Hole and the unofficial trail with small water slides. Both trails are fascinating and a lot of fun.

Also, be sure to check out the beautiful and mystical Blue Lagoon. There, your soul can just relax, and your body can recharge. Let a raft take you around and enjoy the many facets of the blue tones. By the way, the famous Hollywood blockbuster, the “Blue Lagoon,” was filmed here.
And then, the area also offers picture-perfect beaches. You can sunbathe, swim, surf, and jump off cliffs, especially well at Boston Beach. By the way, Jamaica's spicy cuisine in “jerk style” has its origin here, exactly on this beach. Enjoy it!

This is Jamaica, where you walk across the cow pastures of Errol Flynn's grandchildren. Along the cliffs to the next beach, or you'll be invited by warm-hearted residents to shelter you from the rain. Hospitality, community, and nature are lived, loved, and protected here.

But even today, you can meet one or another superstar. That's because the Geejam, a small boutique hotel, has a private recording studio where singers and songwriters such as The Rolling Stones, Alicia Keys, and Amy Winehouse come to record. And the mysterious artist Banksy is also said to have spent the night here. Green, greener, Port Antonio, a place that enchants body and soul and inspires creativity.


Top Things to Do

This region is definitely worth a longer visit; away from the all-inclusive hotels and the big cruise cities, you will find an oasis of silence and beautiful natural beaches.
1 - Blue Lagoon

Turquoise waters glistening in the sun and surrounded by lush greenery – a real beauty. Maybe the lagoon looks familiar to you from the movie “The Blue Lagoon” with Brooke Shields.

Yes, Hollywood loves this lagoon too. The entrance is free. For a fee, you can take a ride on a bamboo canoe (often called rafting), including a stop at Monkey Island. Enjoy the warm Caribbean waters and the beautiful lush vegetation.

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2 - Boston Beach
A super lovely beach that invites you to surf. Further back, you can dare to jump off cliffs. You will also find at least one swing and loving dogs to cuddle with. Right next door, you can get fantastic jerk chicken – enjoy it.
3 - Reach Falls

Reach Falls is located in the middle of an exotic, untouched rainforest. Unique and beautiful waterfalls that flow into an emerald green pool. In the heart-shaped pool, you can refresh yourself and let your soul dangle. There are lovely picnic areas, and thanks to the trees, you will find enough shade.

You can also experience the waterfalls differently and let a local “tour guide” lead you upstream to the waterfalls, climbing over hills and dale. Sometimes you can only swim, dive through caves and try natural water slides. Swimwear and mosquito spray are a must! You can go without water shoes, it will be more comfortable with.

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Arrival by Bus

The Knutsford Express stops centrally in Port Antonio. Depending on the location of your accommodation, you can walk there. Be sure to clarify this beforehand. We slept a bit outside and were lucky that the bus driver gave us a private ride.

Arrival by Rental Car

There is left-hand traffic in Jamaica; in Port Antonio, the traffic is pleasant, and no one falls into hectic. Depending on where you are coming from, it is a very winding drive. If you have a rental car, always take an all-day attended parking spot and never leave anything in the car.

In the City

You can explore Port Antonio on foot. If you want to drive yourself to one of the sights outside, you can take one of the small local buses. Just ask around a bit because the routes of the lines change often. The people here are so helpful and friendly. After dark, better use a route cab, route bus, or city cab – check the price in advance.

Where to Stay

You will find a fantastic selection of luxury hotels, hostels, and apartments in Port Antonio. There are no wishes left unfulfilled. Art lovers will get their money's worth at the Geejam Hotel.

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Where to Eat

Definitely, you need to eat a jerk chicken here. Heck, at least two. And yes, the city has more on its menu as well, and it's damn tasty. So grab your hunger and go for it.

Restaurants we tried and liked
Our Recommendations for $ - $$
Our Recommendations for $$ - $$$

Our Insider Tips

1 - The Errol Flynn Marina
Beautiful little marina right in Port Antonio. Be sure to have an ice cream from I Scream. This place is perfect for watching the beautiful sunset. It should be further developed in the next few years, and more restaurants and stores will be built.
2 - Bamboo Rafting on the Rio Grande

The Rio Grande is a beautiful, wide, and sometimes fast river. The bamboo rafts have initially been used to transport banana plants from the plantations to the port. The famous actor Errol Flynn popularized bamboo rafting for fun. A tour lasts about 2.5 to 3 hours, during which you can enjoy the natural beauty of Jamaica.

3 - Winnifred Beach

Beautiful beach with small restaurants and many other stands. You have natural shade here from trees. Some bathers have worn water shoes there. Super relaxing and with few tourists.

4 - Hotel Mockingbird Hill Gardens
The gardens of Hotel Mockingbird Hill give a home to more than 72 species of birds. The lush gardens also attract many endemic birds. It's a photographer's dream. You don't necessarily have to stay at the hotel to observe these beautiful creatures.
5 - Visit the Great Huts

The Great Huts is a beautiful eco-resort whose gorgeous bay views you can enjoy even if you're not a guest. Have a tasty drink at the Pharaoh Bar upstairs and stroll through the library in the lounge. You can also get a tour for around 10 US-Dollar, which includes the stories of the property and the enchanting wildlife.

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