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Negril Travel Guide – Things to Do & Insider Tips

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Negril – Heavenly, Romantic, and Impressive

Negril is one of the most popular places on this beautiful island. Why it captivates everyone, you will quickly realize, too. Paradise beaches – miles long, romantic sunsets – every evening, and impressive cliffs from which truly daredevils jump into the Caribbean Sea.
Sunbathers, divers, sailors, snorkelers, beach volleyball players, cliff jumpers, hummingbird fans, music lovers, and honeymooners. Everyone will find what they love here. There is nothing that doesn't exist, and on top, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world: the Seven Mile Beach.

Negril was a quiet, sleepy village until the mid-70s. Then hippies and dropouts came and discovered the beautiful spot for themselves. Shortly after that, investors followed and wanted to raise a Jamaican version of Las Vegas. But all inhabitants voted against it, so it remained what it already was: a beautiful spot on this earth. A law was immediately passed to protect it, that buildings must not be higher than palm trees.

The reefs around Negril are phenomenal, alive, and rich in species, so you should add snorkeling and diving to your activities. You will also find an ingenious alternative: the glass-bottom boat. This way, you can admire the incredible underwater world without having to dive or snorkel.

And if you want something more, take a tour with one of the cool catamarans. It goes out on the Caribbean Sea. You will anchor at the most beautiful spots, and you can watch the fish and plants in peace and quiet. Then you sail to one of the most famous places: Rick's Café. Where tourists and locals dare to plunge down the cliffs. 

Just in time for sunset, everyone, really everyone, goes to the water. Negril is one of those places where every sunset is unique and picture-perfect. Even after a rainy day, the sky opens up for this spectacle.


Top Things to Do

The perfect place to enjoy the sweet Caribbean life to the fullest. Miles of dream beaches and crystal clear water await you. Recreation, action, and nature meet here in a dreamlike constellation. Plan enough time for Negril, at least 3 full days – the more, the better.

1 - Seven Mile Beach

You will find a piece of paradise here. Imagine the clearest water and the finest sand in the world, and you have a rough idea of how beautiful Seven Mile Beach is. Every evening, the sky slowly turns into beautiful shades of yellow, orange, and red. No wonder it's always voted as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

2 - Glass-bottom Boat, Parasailing, Jet Ski and more

If you are looking for some sports and action: Water skiing, banana boat, sailing, kayaking, parasailing, or a tour on a glass-bottom boat?

Aboard this unique boat, where the bottom is transparent, you'll cruise over reefs and coral and see schools of tropical fish and rays. The water sports on offer at Seven Mile Beach really leave nothing to be desired.

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3 - Rick's Café - brave Cliff Jumpers in the Sunset

Bet your heart stops at the sight of the cliff divers. Or are you one of the death-defying ones and practically jump right after them? Just by the way, that's about 36 ft (11 m) down.

Rick's Café has been in Negril since 1974. It was the first bar of its kind on the West End Cliffs, with great live music, and everyone is there just in time for sunset.

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Arrival by Bus

The most comfortable way to get to Negril is by Knutsford Express. Get picked up at the bus station from your accommodation or take one of the many cabs waiting there.

Arrival by Rental Car

There is left-hand traffic in Jamaica; in Negril, the traffic is pleasant, and no one falls into a hectic pace. In March, the crabs mate, which means that the roads are full of crabs, and you have to watch out – for the animals and your tires. Always take an all-day guarded parking spot and never leave anything in your car.

How to Get Around

Small stretches you can walk. Negril stretches along the coastline and is around 10 miles (16 km) long. Many hotels offer free shuttle services for specific routes. Otherwise, you can choose between a tourist cab, route cab, rental car, scooter, or bicycle. Tourist cabs have a red license plate. Taximeters are often only decoration, so clarify the price beforehand.

Where to Stay

Negril is the destination par excellence for the Honeymoon and lovers. Nowhere else will you find so many fantastic hotels with a beautiful beach right outside your door or the most beautiful view from the cliffs. From boutique hotels to all-inclusive deals. Or do you prefer an apartment or a beautiful hostel? Here in Negril you have a huge choice.

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Where to Eat

Jamaican cuisine is influenced by many countries. Spicy and hot paired with tropical fruits, we tried and fell in love with Fried Breadfruit here. The kitchen in Negril also offers many delicious fish dishes and goats.

Restaurants we tried and liked
Our Recommendations for $ - $$
Our Recommendations for $$ - $$$

Our Insider Tips

1 - Barney's Flower & Hummingbird Garden

Amidst the greenest trees and most colorful flowers lies Barney's Flower & Hummingbird Garden. It's a hummingbird fan's paradise – for everyone. Upon arrival, you'll receive a bottle of nectar to feed the hummingbirds.

A unique and phenomenal experience when these tiny wonders of nature fly up to your bottle and drink. You can watch them up close and personal. Simply magnificent. You will also meet butterflies, bees, and other beautiful birds.

2 - Mating Season of the Crabs

In March and April, parts of Negril are reddish. At this time, the crabs come and mate. So the streets are full of them. As a pedestrian, nothing happens to you, but your tires are often and extremely tested by their claws. Pay attention!

3 - Drifters Bar

The place to be for live music lovers. From Motown to soul to blues music. There are free jam sessions, karaoke, and open mic nights. The bar loves it when guests play with them. You may bring your own instrument for this or use the bars. Everyone is welcome here.

4 - Catamaran Tour with Snorkeling and Sunset

This tour offers everything nature, relaxation, sailing, snorkeling, and a phenomenal sunset.
Off you go on the catamaran and enjoy the view over the Caribbean Sea, the sun on your skin, and the wonderful view of the Negril coast.

Take in the breathtaking underwater world and swim in natural pools. Jump off the cliffs at Rick's Café and enjoy the beautiful sunset.

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