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Treasure Beach Travel Guide – Things to Do & Insider Tips

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Treasure Beach – Pure Relaxation in Pristine Nature

Treasure Beach is the name for four beautiful bays: Billy's Bay, Frenchman's Bay, Calabash Bay, and Great Bay. One is more beautiful than the other, with golden sand and turquoise water and lots of relaxation. Each has its own charm, everywhere you hear reggae music and find lovely colorful cafés – an absolute paradise region.

The area has resisted the development of mass tourism, successfully preserving the unique charm of the idyllic fishing village. If you are looking for peace and relaxation, you will find it here and promptly forget about place and time. Treasure Beach feels pristine, pure, and unadulterated. You are a guest here, not a tourist, and everyone will have a little chat with you.

Treasure Beach is located in the municipality of St. Elizabeth, the region with the lowest rainfall. Nevertheless, agriculture is the second-largest industry, truly more fruits and vegetables are produced here than in any other municipality. The people here are the hardest working people in all of Jamaica and the friendliest.
Treasure Beach's history also includes a sunken Scottish ship in the mid-1600s. The survivors saved themselves ashore and remained. This explains why many Jamaicans here have blue or green eyes and red or blond hair. Joint projects in education, culture, and sports are enormously important to the inhabitants and clearly show how much they love the community. You will meet warm people, poets and artists, and ex-pats. Jamaica's national motto ” Out Of Many, One People” can be felt intensively here.


Top Things to Do

Although this is one of the quietest corners of Jamaica, there are still many exciting and beautiful recreational opportunities. You'll find deep relaxation, nature, and serenity, all without much fanfare.

1 - Y.S. Falls
You'll ride a tractor-trailer from the entrance through Jamaica's beautiful nature, with horses and cows grazing along the way. After half a mile (a kilometer), you will arrive at the base, finding changing rooms, restrooms, picnic tables, and a gift store. To the right, a wooden staircase leads to the many levels of the waterfalls. However, you can only continue with an official escort from here on.

In the natural pools, the water is wonderfully refreshing. Sit back and enjoy the beautiful nature. Simply heavenly. If you like more action, you can swing into the pools on a rope and zip line over the waterfalls down into the valley.

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2 - Lovers Leap
Named after a romantic-tragic legend about two enslaved people in love, Mizzy, and Tunkey. Their owner, Chardley, liked the girl and therefore arranged to sell the boy. The couple fled to avoid being separated. When they arrived at the steep cliffs, they decided to jump into the infinity of the night.
Today, Lovers' Leap is a romantic place with a lighthouse. It is loved by the locals and visitors of the island. You can enjoy the breathtaking view with live music, dancing, and local cuisine.
3 - Black River Tour
One of the most incredible tours in all of Jamaica. You go by boat across the Black River. You see many birds, sometimes the trees are full of them. Our favorite is called Jesus-Bird because he can walk over the water.
And then there are the crocodiles. The secret stars of the river, you can watch them up close, very imposing and intimidating. Don't worry, nothing ever happened. Depending on the tour, you will visit the sanctuary for the baby crocodiles.
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4 - Floyd's Pelican Bar Tour

Imagine the craziest place for a bar. How about in the middle of the ocean? Can't be done? Floyd's Pelican Bar is actually in the middle of the Caribbean Sea.

Floyd must have dreamed of it one night and then built it in 2001. At first, it was just a little meeting place for him and his fisherman friends to play dominoes and stuff. Then the tourists came, but thankfully this unique bar hasn't lost any of its vibes.

There are also combination tours with the Black River or Black River and YS-Falls to the bar. It's practically one highlight after the other; if that's not too much for you, it's absolutely worth considering.

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As the saying goes: good things come to those who wait? It takes a little time to get to Treasure Beach, but it's a beautiful place. But in the times of modern technology, even this journey goes by quickly.

Arrival by Bus

A direct journey with the Knutsford Express to Treasure Beach is not possible. You can take the bus to Luana or Mandeville and continue by car. You can arrange transportation in advance with your accommodation.

Arrival by Rental Car

The traffic in and around Treasure Beach is pleasant, and no one gets in a hurry. Depending on where you are traveling from, it may be a winding and long drive to get here. Always find an all-day attended parking lot for your rental car and never leave anything in the car.

How to Get Around
Within Treasure Beach, it's easy to get around on foot. There are no real sidewalks, but walking along the street is easy, thanks to the little traffic. For longer distances, book a cab or driver. It is best to ask at your accommodation because they know someone.

Where to Stay

There are unique accommodations in Treasure Beach; you can stay here directly at the ocean and fall asleep and wake up with the sound of the ocean. Super awesome!

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Where to Eat

We also really liked the area here because of the restaurants. Not for the reason that they are particularly exquisite or anything. The food always tastes twice as good with sea air and the people here are all so nice and friendly, and we had pretty wonderful conversations here.

Restaurants we tried and liked
Our Recommendations for $ - $$
Our Recommendations for $$ - $$$

Our Insider Tips

1 - Appleton Estate Rum Tour
A visit to the Appleton Estate Rum Tour is incredible. You learn how rum used to be made, and you get to squeeze the sugar cane yourself. And what's the best way to reward yourself after the work is done? Of course, with a proper rum tasting. Enjoy it!
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2 - Bamboo Avenue

A nearly five-kilometer-long stretch of the street covered by giant bamboo plants.
You'll also always find street stalls here with Jamaican treats like coconut water or tasty cashews

3 - Shirley's Steam Bath & Massage
Let yourself be pampered and enjoy the relaxation. What could be better than getting a massage? And then the sound of the sea – pure relaxation.
4 - Sister Lou's

If you're organizing the Black River tour on your own, ask for a stop at Sister Lou's. The crabs taste heavenly, and the silence there is just fantastic!

5 - Golfing

If you love golf, don't miss Manchester Country Club in Mandeville. It's 55 acres, has nine greens and 18 tee boxes. It is Jamaica's oldest course, as it was founded in 1865, and is actually the oldest club in the Caribbean.

6 - Visit the city of Black River

Black River is the capital of the parish of St. Elizabeth and one of the oldest towns on the island. It was the first place in Jamaica with electricity, even before New York City! The first car in Jamaica arrived here, and it was one of the first towns with telephones. In 1999, the city was declared as a district of protected national heritage. The buildings reflect the different periods in the city's development history. Architecturally, you will find Georgian and Victorian influence and the British colonial style.

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