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Tour to Blue Lagoon – Travel Guide & Tips

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What to Expect

Sparkling, shimmering, turquoise blue water. Surrounded by wild plants and trees in the most beautiful shades of green. The Blue Lagoon is a fascinating beauty, and it is even famous. The movie “The Blue Lagoon” with Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins was filmed here. It is said that the lagoon used to be called The Blue Hole, but because of the movie's popularity, it was renamed The Blue Lagoon.

The water shimmers magically, and the color changes throughout the day. From turquoise colors, azure to sapphire to royal blue. And not only the color is unique, the temperature changes too. From warm to lukewarm to cool, the lagoon is a mixture of fresh and saltwater. And so, the warmth of the Caribbean Sea mixes with the ice-cold water of the underground streams, which feels fascinating while swimming.

You can also take a relaxing raft ride and learn all kinds of exciting, fun facts: “How many movies have all been shot here. Or which celebrities have already made it out here.” For a long time, the locals believed that the lagoon was bottomless, but in any case, it is incredibly deep – between 183-196 ft (56-60 meters), which contributes to the different shades of blue.

According to legend, a dragon lives in the depths of the lagoon. Just an absolutely magical place. Perfect for enjoying the silence and beauty of Mother Nature and relaxing.

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A trip here is worth it in any case. Because although the lagoon is quite extensive, it feels cozy due to the many trees. By the way, it's also perfect for great souvenir photos. Swimming in this shimmering warm to cool water is wonderful, and the myth surrounding the famous lagoon gives it that extra something. The raft trip is wonderfully relaxing, and you can admire the lagoon from every angle.

When it rains, nature trips are usually less enjoyable. The lagoon is relatively less suitable for a stroller or wheelchair, as you only have a small view from the shore. The whole experience only comes into its own in or on the water.

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Duration & Cost

Organized Tour

An organized tour for Blue Lagoon is available individually or in combination with other highlights in the region, such as Reach Falls. The two destinations together are a fantastic day with absolutely unique highlights. The single tour takes around 90 minutes.


Tour cost start around 60 US-Dollar.

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You can stay as long as you like. At dusk, the main gate is closed. There is no beach or lockers. Let a bamboo raft take you through the lagoon, and at nice spots, the raft stops, and you can swim a little. You can also take a boat tour. Or take a fast boat through the Blue Lagoon, past the luxury villas, to Monkey Island and Cocktail Beach, where parts of the movie "Cocktail" with Tom Cruise were filmed. The raft ride on the blue lagoon itself takes about 90 minutes.


There is no cost for the lagoon itself. The raft costs about 35 USD on site.

Where to Stay Near Blue Lagoon?

How to Get There

Organized Tour
Since the Blue Lagoon is offered quite often in combination tours with reach falls, you will have a stop before or after the lagoon. And you really don't have to worry about anything. Most tours pick you up at your accommodation and bring you back at the end, of course. It doesn't get more relaxed than that.

Blue Lagoon is just 15 minutes drive from Port Antonio by minibus or cab. The drivers let you out at the top of the road, and you have to walk downhill to the lagoon. The price for the drive is about 4 US-Dollar per person by bus, more expensive by cab.

What to Pack

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