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Tour to Reach Falls – Travel Guide & Tips

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What to Expect

Reach Falls is surrounded by beautiful nature, a tropical paradise with ferns and parrots. E looks just like you would imagine a jungle waterfall to look like. No wonder, its beauty has served as a backdrop for Hollywood many times, including the movie “Cocktail” with Tom Cruise.

There are two ways to discover the breathtaking Reach Falls, among the most beautiful waterfalls in Jamaica. The official trail is probably the most famous. You will see Reach Falls in all its glory and from every angle on this trail. You can make yourself comfortable at one of the picnic spots and enjoy nature and swim in the wonderfully romantic heart-shaped natural pool.

There are several small caves, and the most special and famous of them is called “Rabbit Hole” – a stunning underwater cave. Don't panic; the hole looks narrower than it is; no one has ever gotten stuck. When you are in the cave, enjoy the sight, because it sparkles and glitters like thousands of diamonds in the cave, by the reflection of the water.

The other option is to swim and climb upstream the Reach Falls river, with a local guide, You don't get to the main waterfall, and you don't get to Rabbit Hole. But you will stop again and again at small waterfalls; there is also a natural small water slide, you can jump from rocks of different heights into the beautiful water and dive through a small cave. Here you should definitely have mosquito repellent and Water Shoes with you. Both trails could not be more different, each beautiful in its own way.

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Reach Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Jamaica; it proves why Jamaica is called the “Land of Water.” This place is absolute relaxation and balm for the soul. The water has a pleasant temperature, and the color is beautiful. Both ways are entertaining and so unique in Jamaica.

When it rains, nature excursions are usually a little less enjoyable. Both trails are not barrier-free and not suitable for a stroller or a wheelchair. Physically, the path upstream is definitely much more strenuous than the official path, as it goes against the current and over hill and dale. The official way with the picnic area is accessible via a wide, safe staircase with railings.

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Duration & Cost

Organized Tour

There are tours of different lengths, which of course also depends on the location of your accommodation. At the Reach Falls itself, most providers stay around two hours. This is enough time to explore and enjoy everything at your leisure and get properly shrunk in the water. There are also combined tours, such as Reach Falls and Blue Hole.


An organized tour from Port Antonia starts at 85 US- Dollar, including transportation and entrance fee.

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You buy tickets at the official entrance, and you can visit and enjoy the Reach Falls, natural pools, and picnic areas on your own. You can also join an official tour there, a Guided Walk. This does not cost extra. The guide will show you Reach Falls, Rabbit Hole and explain flora and fauna.


The entrance fee is about 12 US-Dollar per person.

Where to Stay Near Reach Falls? - Book Your Accommodation in Port Antonio

How to Get There

Organized Tour

Sit back, relax and let us pick you up from your accommodation. You don't have to worry about anything and can just enjoy. If you have booked a combined tour with several stops, you will be driven from highlight to highlight. It doesn't get more relaxed than that.


From Port Antonio you can take the local buses for 4.50 USD to the Reach Falls intersection, from there you take another cab for about 3 USD to the falls' entrance. If you have chosen to take the tour with a local guide, the journey is the same, except that the driver will drop you off at an earlier point. If you arrive by rental car, take the Reach Falls turnoff (off the A4 – main road). Follow this until you get to the actual waterfall sign.

What to Pack

Tours Nearby

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