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Tour to Dunn’s River Falls – Travel Guide & Tips

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What to Expect

The famous Dunn's River Falls are often called a national treasure. They have appeared in several movies, including the first James Bond movie, “Dr. No” the film features the first known large-screen shot of the falls. 

What makes the falls so famous and unique? You can climb them without ropes, artificial steps, or railings. Mother Nature has shaped the limestone rocks like stairs. A terrific adventure playground for young and old. You can always swim in one of the natural pools on the way up, and there are even limestone rock water slides. Bet you go up more than once.

If you come without an organized tour, you can join a group with a guide from the park. The guides don't cost anything extra; they are happy to receive a little tip. Of course, you can climb a bit after one or the other tour – at your own risk. When you reach the top of the falls, a big sign is waiting for you as a proof photo.

There are several entrances and exits, but the most ingenious start at the bottom. Where the river flows into the sea. By the way, it is one of the few beaches in the world where a waterfall flows directly into the sea. The water is wonderfully clear and has Caribbean temperatures; a little time out here is worth it.

There is also a lovely water park for kids, with water slides, a climbing park with zip lines, cafés, and restaurants and crafts from local artists.

Water Shoes are necessary, and you can also get them on site. For around 6 US-Dollar, you can lock your valuables in a locker.

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The tour is a lot of fun and unique in Jamaica. Games, joy, excitement, adventure, and relaxation are all that you can find here. We climbed up several times, looked at the beautiful park, and relaxed on the beach – an absolutely fantastic place.

When it rains, nature trips are usually a little less enjoyable. You can completely choose what you feel like doing here, sunbathing on the beach or climbing up the waterfall, zip-lining, buying crafts. From zero physical exertion to lots of action, it's all there. The excursion is partially accessible by stroller or wheelchair. The main attractions are the waterfalls and the beach.

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Duration & Cost

Organized Tour

An organized tour for Dunn's River Falls is available as a single tour and combined, and therefore also in different lengths. Most tours allow 2.5 hours for the falls and the park.


Tours start at about 75 USD per person, including transportation and a guide to climb the falls.

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You can stay as long as you want. For climbing the waterfalls once, plan around 20 minutes. To enjoy everything in peace, half a day and more is perfect. Opening hours are daily from 8.30 am until 4 pm.


The entrance fee for the park starts at 25 US-Dollar per person. Locker, zip line, and so on cost extra.

Where to Stay Near Dunn's River Falls?

How to Get There

Organized Tour

You will be picked up from your accommodation, and the tour starts. Practical for the waterfalls is that you already have your guide to climb the falls safely. Often Water Shoes and photos are already included in the packages.


Driving time is just under 20 minutes by minibus or cab from Ocho Rios. The drivers drop you off at the road, and you have to walk uphill. If you want them to drive you up, what we recommend, will cost extra. Plan at least 5 USD per person for the ride. For the return trip, you have to walk down to the road; downhill is definitely less strenuous.

What to Pack

Tours Nearby

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