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TOP 11 Ultimate Tips Which Save You Money When You Travel

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1   Compare the Prices

Who is unhappy when he can save money, gets free accommodation, or has breakfast included? So we definitely prefer to pay less than more, aren't we? The ultimate price comparison for hotel nights with all providers can be found here – it's worth comparing!

2   Collect Nights

With one or the other provider, you can collect nights through bookings. At first glance, the offer there is a bit more expensive, but especially in costly cities, it is excellent if you can redeem free nights or at least get a decent discount.

3   Don't book the Luxury Suite

Let's face it, you spend most of your time outside your room anyway. Why get a huge suite if you're just going to sleep in it anyway? Book a cheaper room; breakfast included is also practical.

4   Room with Kitchen

Whenever possible, we book accommodation with a kitchen or kitchenette. That doesn't mean we prepare every meal there, but at least breakfast and the first coffee. Accommodation with a kitchen saves a lot of money and also time.

5   Stay even Cheaper

Do you have friends or family overseas? How about paying them a visit? Not only does it finally result in a get-together, but it's probably also an opportunity to stay overnight for free. Other cheap alternatives:

It is a creative and just free possibility to stay overnight around the world, new acquaintances included, and a great way to dive directly into the new culture. You should generally be the open-minded type and speak English. Couchsurfing is the biggest community with more than 3 million members, take also a look here BeWelcome.


Some homeowners like to leave their homes in other hands when they travel. You have to be very reliable, and often the free overnights are linked to a task: take care of the cat, water the garden. There are many online platforms; the leading media for house sitting are Trusted Housesitters and MindMyHouse.

6   Pay in Local Currency

When you pay with your credit card, you will often be asked whether you want to pay in the local or your home currency. Always pay in the local currency because it is cheaper. Why? You pay a foreign transaction fee of 1.5 – 3 % when paying in the local currency. When paying in your home currency, you will be charged an additional fee, usually many times higher than the foreign transaction fee; 9 – 10 % is common.

7   Local Cuisine

Nothing brings you closer to a country and its culture than local cuisine. We enjoy trying our way through all the different dishes and spices. And people around the world love to tell you about their favorite dishes and their tricks for cooking. Another plus for local cuisine: it's cheap. Often even cheaper than cooking it yourself, so enjoy it.

8   Expensive Activities in Cheap

Want to learn how to surf this summer? You can do it in Portugal, Australia, or Bali – but at different prices. Want to take a Spanish course? Do it in Peru rather than in Spain.

9   Bus instead of Flight

You will save money if you choose the bus instead of the flight. If you book night trips, you'll even save on accommodation costs. In many countries, the bus route networks are fantastically developed, and several providers often offer a wide range of comforts.

10   Negotiate

In fact, in some countries, it's almost an insult if you don't negotiate. You can bargain and haggle for anything: Cab, souvenirs, clothes. Especially in tourist markets, the posted prices tend to be much higher, so be sure to negotiate. But please be fair.

11   Cheap Leisure Activities

Many museums offer discounted or even free admission on certain days. It's worth taking a look at their website. City tours are an inexpensive way to get to know a new city; there are also free city tours, plus insider tips from your guide. Instead of lunch in a restaurant, have a picnic on the riverbank.
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