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TOP 8 Expert Tips on How to Finance a World Trip

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1   Know your Expenses

Do you know how much money you have in your account right now? Or how much do you spend on groceries each month? How much does your insurance cost you? Or coffee after lunch? One of the most important points: Know your expenses! While it's not much fun to go through last month's bank statements and credit card bills, it's worth it. Take the previous 13 months at hand and make blocks like groceries, restaurants, insurance, gas, and rent. That way, you'll see precisely how much money is going, and you may find the first potential savings immediately. 

2   Separate Account for Saving

When you save money, save it in a separate account. Because the rule is: out of sight, out of mind. That way, you won't be tempted to indulge yourself.

3   Save before You Spend

Once upon a time, one of the greatest financial moguls Warren Buffett said, “Don't save what's left at the end of the month, but consume after you've saved.”

Sounds so simple, and yet few implement it. First comes you and your dream; prioritize. So pay yourself and your dream first. Once your salary is in the account: pay your bills first and then save; after that, you can consume.

4   Automatic Saving

If your savings amount is automatically posted to a separate account every month, you can't forget about it. This makes things easier because it's so easy to forget. So simply set up a standing order that transfers the savings amount directly after your salary is received.

5   Make do! And Don't Spill the Beans

Take a close look at your big expenses first. Insurance, car, shopping, subscriptions, and so on. Because if you can save a little on these, you'll save a lot. It's definitely worth comparing the prices of your insurance policies. Where can you save on your purchases? Which subscription do you really use? Can you leave your car at home more often?

6   Avoid Impulse Buying

Who doesn't know it: you see something in the store and want it immediately and absolutely!

The ultimate trick: leave it and think about it for 14 days. In that time, think about whether you really need it and will use it for more than a few months. Alternatives to new: rent, borrow or buy used. Saves not only money but also space.

7   Collect Your Coins

Every night, take all your spare change and put it in a money box. One that motivates you for your trip around the world, or one where you can't take it out so quickly. We didn't think so either, but after one year, it was over 1500 Dollars. 

8   30-Day Savings Challenge

Do you want more? Then do this savings challenge and be happy at the end of the month because do you know how much you can save in one month with this challenge? A whole 500 Dollars can be saved in one month. Of course, you can also halve the amounts. 

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