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TOP 6 Beginner Tips on How To Plan Your Travel Budget

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1   Cost before Your Trip

Do you need a new suitcase or backpack? You can find the lightest and best models here. Do you have suitable clothes? Good cosmetics? Do you need an international driver's license?

Do you have all recommended vaccinations? If not, be sure to make an appointment for vaccinations in time. Ask your health insurance if they will cover the costs. It is also important to have international health insurance; meanwhile, for many countries, it is a condition of entry. 

2   Transportation

Are you driving or flying on vacation? Are you flying? How will you get to the airport? Don't forget to organize it. And on the ground? Are you going to stay in one place or travel around? How will you get from place to place? Bus, rental car, cab, train? Research the best transportation options for your destination in advance and organize them. Often in high season, availability is minimal. From our experience, we recommend that you always book comprehensive insurance; otherwise, a minor collision can be costly, even in Central America.

3   Accommodations

Do you prefer staying in a hotel? Or hostel? Maybe also a vacation apartment? Our most important tip: Don't limit your search to the accommodation type; filter by amenities. Countless possibilities open up. No matter what you choose, a price comparison is worthwhile.

4   Food

We love food! Want to try out new dishes? Bring it on! Local cuisine brings you closer to a country's culture completely differently, and eating connects. Food on your trip is a factor you have a lot of influence on. But to plan, you need to have a rough idea of how much shopping and eating out will cost. Here you will find answers to these questions!

5   Activities

There is so much to see and do in this beautiful world! Some experiences are unique in the world, so don't miss them. Some sights you can't visit without a guide or tour – like the Penguins on Isla Magdalena. Researching in advance what excursions are available and which ones interest you will help you plan for your budget. 

6   Other

This is where many small amounts come together, which quickly add up at the end of the day: Tips, cash withdrawal costs, shopping, and souvenirs. Then probably a SIM card and maybe the money for laundry. On top, don't forget parking fees and gas for a rental car.

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