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TOP 6 Exciting And Unusual Vacation Ideas Saving You Money

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1   Vacation in Your City

Every city has beautiful corners and sights; be a tourist and visit them all. There are different tours in many cities, from sightseeing to culinary highlights to mystery tours and free city tours.

2   Tourist in Your Home Country

Have you ever visited the Golden Gate Bridge? Or the Statue of Liberty? And what about Vegas? The freaky point is that you can live in a country for years and still not see the absolute famous highlights. Try once to be a tourist minimum once in your lifetime in your country and get the opportunity to explore all the beautiful cities, their famous food and for sure all the tourist highlights.

3   Travel against Trends

Forget Paris and fly to Budapest instead. Skip New York and take the flight to Buenos Aires. Instead of flying to Santorini in summer, fly in spring or fall. Especially in the high season, the prices explode, and the location will certainly not be more beautiful for twice the price, just more expensive. And for every trendy destination, there is a cheaper alternative, which is not a bit worse, just more affordable.

4   Let Yourself Drift

Do you want to go a little further away from your home? How about this: See where the cheapest flight goes and book the ticket! Enter your nearest airport and “anywhere” as your destination. Then choose where you want to fly from the list of the cheapest flights. A great idea if you don't have a specific place in mind, but a vacation in general.

5   Become a Housesitter

Accommodations are often the most expensive item in your expenses and drive up the costs quite a bit. Cheaper is Couchsurfing, camping, or sleeping in a dorm room in a hostel. Not your thing? How about this: Housesitting. You take care of someone's house or apartment and get free accommodation with a kitchen; cooking yourself saves additional money. A unique and fantastic way to travel!

6   Book a Cruise Cleverly

Cruises are usually insanely expensive. But there are tricks you can use to buy cheaper tickets. Cruise lines often offer incredible last-minute deals because you don't want to leave with a half-full ship. So wait until close to the last minute and only then book your ticket. Sometimes the price will be lowered right then, or you'll get a free upgrade or be given some coupons. Conversely, many cruise lines offer very lower rates for early bookers. It's always worth comparing prices! Start comparing cruise prices now on our booking website.
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