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TOP 8 Insider Tips That Save You Money For Your Travel

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1   Check your Subscriptions

So, what are you paying for without actually using it? Whether it's multiple streaming services, the gym, club memberships, and magazines – take everything under the microscope and cancel what works. Check your cell phone contract because it's almost always cheaper. 

2   Insurances

Whether your car insurance, the household, liability, or legal expenses insurance, check which insurance you have, which you do not need, and, most important, where you can find a better rate. Especially here, you can often save a lot!

Since you are already in the swing of things, you should also look at your health insurance's costs and benefits. Because some insurances pay travel vaccinations up to a certain amount, others pay nothing. 

3   Food

Air and love are not enough food, and crispbread becomes boring in the long run. Never visit restaurants again and eat only noodles at home? Never! But there is a middle way. Search for restaurants with offers, don't choose the most expensive meal on the menu and not the most expensive restaurant. Or just cook together with friends at home. A shopping list helps, and you don't go hungry when grocery shopping. 

4   Expensive Habits

Instead of a takeaway coffee from the hippest store, bring one from home. Instead of going to the canteen, cook lunch now and then and bring it with you. Especially when it gets warmer: how about the park instead of the bar? Cook together with friends or order food – both cheaper than the restaurant. Don't cut back completely; just think differently.

5   Secondhand or Rent

Well, celebrities don't do it any differently: renting outfits. Well, with a rather huge selection, free of charge, it does not belong to them after the event. But now to the point: you don't need a new outfit for every wedding or event or folk festival – rent it. There are even everyday clothes for rent. Not yours? Then look for Secondhand or on exchange platforms; sometimes, things still have price tags on them. It's similar to tools; you don't have to buy them; you can borrow them from friends or rent them at the hardware store. 

6   Birthdays

Birthdays and weddings are beautiful occasions, but they are not cheap. For birthdays, a group gift is recommended. Also a good option for weddings. Travel costs become less if you look for a carpool. For overnight stays, pick a cheap room because you sleep only a few hours in the end. The tips in point 5 apply for a new outfit: rent, borrow, or secondhand.  

7   Put it in Perspective

One of the best tricks ever: put your planned spending in perspective. For example, a cinema night costs the same as 2 nights in Peru or 5 massages in Thailand. A fancy dinner in a restaurant with friends pays for a week of surfing lessons in Bali. Instead of going to the cinema, spend a movie night with friends and instead of going to the restaurant, cook yourself – but surf and get a massage.

8   The 10 Days Trick

Do you absolutely want the new TV or the chic pants in green?

Do you really need it? Will it make you happier in the long run? Will you use it for more than 2 or 3 months? You will see that a spontaneous impulse is not more than that, and you do not need the purchase. Saves money and space.

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