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TOP 5 Easy Tips To Earn Extra Money Fast For Travel

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1   Sort Out

You never wore those pink sneakers, and that striped blouse is hanging in your closet with a price tag. Honestly, it's going to stay that way. Sort out what you haven't worn in a year or haven't worn at all, and turn it into cash. 

Whether through eBay, thrift stores or apps, Facebook groups, or old-school flea markets. 

After clothes, take on books and technology. You can turn those into cash, too. And the now empty shelf? Sell it!

2   More Money at Work

Ask your boss for a raise because you deserve it. He can't do more than saying no. You can get overtime pay? Fantastic, then make some. See if you can do home office; at least you'll save on travel expenses and going to lunch with colleagues. You could also think about changing employers if they pay more.

3   Side Job

You can earn extra money as a babysitter, dog sitter, or waiter in your spare time. However, you can also make extra money online by translating texts. Find our collection of perfect side jobs and creative ideas for extra income.

4   Rent

You could move to a cheaper apartment, a shared room, or back to your parents. Less radically, have you considered subletting a room? Or even your whole apartment on weekends and visit friends or family in exchange? Depending on location and style, you can make more than you pay monthly rent.

5   Reward and Motivation

Just like diets have cheat days or athletes have training-free days, you should treat yourself to something now and then! And enjoy it to the fullest.

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