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TOP 10 Frequent Flyer Tips on How to Beat Jet Lag

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1   Adjust Your Rhythm Early

If possible, adjust your sleep rhythm to your new home time zone. This gives your body a few days before the flight to adjust. Even if it is only an hour change. So if you're flying east, go to bed earlier and get up earlier. If you fly west, go to sleep later and get up later. 

2   Book Your Perfect Flight

Do you prefer to fly during the day and arrive in the evening? Or do you prefer to fly at night and land the following day? Listen to yourself and your body and use that to book the best flight for you, even if it's not the cheapest. The best flight times for you will reduce jet lag. 

3   Change Your Watch Early

Change your watches to the new time zone while you're still on the plane. This way, you trick your brain and get used to the new rhythm faster. By the way, this is also how it is done with the light in the airplane. The light is dimmed if it is time to sleep at the destination.

4   Asleep or Awake During the Flight?

It helps trim the body to the new time zone during the flight. Are you flying west? Then keep yourself awake. Whether with coffee, action movies, knee bends, an exciting audiobook, or loud music – everything that keeps you awake is allowed.  You're flying east, and it's already late when you land? Then rest during the flight. Listen to soothing music or an audiobook and close your eyes. Bring your body to rest and relaxation.

5   Your Food has an Influence

What you eat before and during the flight dramatically impacts your body. It's tough to stay awake with heavy food in your stomach. And then there's the matter of the foreign toilet that everyone uses. Eating light meals will help your body better adjust to the new rhythm.

6   Drink Enough

Water, we are talking about water! The dry air on a plane is very stressful for your body and skin. The only thing that helps is drinking plenty of water. Or tea or juice, how about tomato? Why do so many people like tomato juice on planes?  That's not the point. If you don't feel like asking for water 20 times, bring a collapsible bottle and fill it up with plenty of water just from boarding. You should consume little to no coffee and alcohol because they deprive your body of additional fluid – making the situation even worse.

7   Stopover Helps

How about a “shorter” stop halfway through your trip? Explore the city and the country for two to three days, then continue on your way. That way, you'll find the time change much more manageable and have even seen another destination along the way.

8   New Daily Rhythm − Immediately

Adapt to the local daily rhythm immediately. Yes, even if it is insanely difficult. Don't take a nap; that always gets out of hand. Get out into the fresh air and explore the area. Take a refreshing shower, definitely cooler rather than too hot. Drink lots of water and feel free to have a coffee or tea. Go for a swim if there's a pool, or hit the gym. Anything that will keep you going until the evening is fine.

9   Take it Slow

Don't pack the first few days full of sightseeing and touring. Take it easy and without stress, and allow your body the energy to acclimatize and recover. There is power in rest.

10   Let Nature Help You

Let nature help you adapt better to the time change. Lavender has a calming effect and is one of the absolute classics. A few drops of lavender oil on your pillow, blanket, or on the inside of your wrists. Melissa tea calms your body and mind. Pack a few bags in your carry-on and enjoy a cup of lemon balm tea whenever you just can't settle down.

Rosemary oil helps you in a completely different direction. It increases concentration and invigorates a few drops on your temples and wrists. Black tea, because it doesn't always have to be coffee. But be careful not to let it steep for more than three minutes because the longer it steeps, the more calming it is.

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