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The 15 BEST Things to Do in Montego Bay

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There is so much to see and experience here. But, what are the top tourist attractions in Montego Bay? We've tried (almost all) tourist attractions and day trips. Tip No. 1: Definitely don't just stay at your resort. Get out and explore the world. And what's the nightlife in Montego Bay? From the Hip Strip to Margaritaville to Pier 1 – there's so much to experience.
We have written down all our favorite places with our insider tips in Montego Bay and picked out suitable offers. So you know not only the highlights and hidden gems of the city, but also the prices and can book directly from here. There's so much to discover – “Cum pon lets guh! Ya mon!”

1   Rocklands Bird Sanctuary

A very green and beautiful property where you can observe and photograph endemic and exotic bird species.

Upon arrival, you will be given a bottle of nectar to feed the birds and even hummingbirds. A fantastic experience and a whole new way to observe bird life more closely.

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2   ATV Tour

Fun, action and adventure are what you get on the quad tour in Sandy Bay. It goes uphill and downhill, with beautiful panoramic views of the coast of Jamaica. The start is at a beautiful safari ranch, and then you drive through the lush landscape of Jamaica. In between, the guide will explain and show you the local flora and fauna, and you can drive through puddles and get really wet if you like. Usually, ATV tours get combined with other highlights in the area.
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3   Sam Sharpe Square

The memory of a somber yet very transformative piece of Jamaican history can be found at Sam Sharpe Square. Samuel Sharpe was executed here. Sharpe was one of the few enslaved people who could read and write, and campaigned for the end of slavery. Unfortunately, during the Christmas Uprising, fields were also burned. The rebellion was ended within two weeks by the military, and Sharpe was executed as one of the leaders. However, this rebellion drew two detailed inquiries that contributed to the end of slavery. The Jamaican Parliament declared Sharpe one of the island's seven official national heroes in 1975.

4   Montego Bay Cultural Centre

Virtually adjacent to Sam Sharpe Square is the Montego Bay Cultural Centre. It includes both a gallery and a museum. You'll find paintings and sculptures that celebrate the island's fantastic art scene and culture. Opened in 2014, the center also features rotating exhibitions on various themes. A cultural highlight where you can see a lot about the history and art of Jamaican culture.

5   Rose Hall Great House

Built in 1770, Rose Hall is a restored plantation house with beautiful ocean views and one of the most notorious houses in Jamaica. Rumor has it that Annie Palmer, wife of the then plantation owner John Palmer, practiced black magic on the enslaved. She ruled with a cruel hand and met a violent death. Some people swear they see her ghost haunting them. You can choose between a day trip or a spooky candlelight tour in the evening, including tales of ghostly apparitions. A location between beauty and chills.

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6   Sailing and Snorkeling Tour

A catamaran tour is a super sailing and snorkeling experience, always along the coast of Montego Bay. You will enjoy the Caribbean sun and Jamaican music.

The tours include swimming and snorkeling equipment, a bar, and snacks. The sunsets in Jamaica are incredible and phenomenal from the boat.

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7   Golf

Golfers definitely get their money's worth in Montego Bay. Extensive and with a fantastic view, absolutely harmonious. There are several courses to choose from here, which have already hosted one or two competitions. Whether you are new to golf or have been playing for a while, you will have fun here.

8   Dunn's River Falls

Dunn's River Falls is located near Ocho Rios and is one of Montego Bay's most popular day trips. What's so special about the falls? Well, you can climb them without ropes or even wetsuits. That's because Mother Nature has shaped the limestone cliffs into staircases.

Thundering water, the smell of fresh river water, big trees everywhere, and many birds. Once you reach the top of the falls, a big sign is waiting for you for a photo of proof. Water shoes are necessary, and you can also get them on site. There are several entrances and exits, but the most brilliant start from the very bottom. There, where the river flows into the sea. By the way, it is one of the few beaches in the world where a waterfall flows directly into the sea.

There is also a really nice water park for kids, with water slides, a climbing park with zip lines, cafés and restaurants, and crafts from local artists.

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9   Glistening Waters

A few things on kid wish lists are as unreal as a unicorn can get. So is swimming in glistening waters, isn't it? You really can because little organisms make it possible. As soon as you move in the water, the microorganisms feel “disturbed,” and so they shimmer, glitter, and glow in the water in the most beautiful bright blue.

It is truly absolutely gigantic and indescribable how beautiful it looks. This place is simply magical. You feel like you're in another world, just incredibly impressive. When you let the water run down your hand, it glitters like millions of tiny blue shining stars. This phenomenon is super rare in the world, and in Jamaica, it is one of the very, very few you can swim in.

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10   Green Grotto Caves

The Green Grotto Caves played a significant role in Jamaican history. In the 17th century, they served as a hiding place for escaped enslaved people. The 1 miles long beautiful cave system exudes power and energy on its own.

It's a brilliant excursion that takes you through paved paths of Runaway Cave and Green Grotto, a total of 65 steps down. Fun Fact: Scenes for the James Bond movie “Live and Let Die” were filmed here. And in the mid-90s, parts of the cave were a nightclub.

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11   The Hip Strip: Gloucester Avenue

The quintessential street in MoBay is entertainment, games, fun, and food. Many famous chains like Hard Rock Café or Harley-Davidson can be found here. You'll find beautiful stretches of beach where you can watch the planes land. Be sure to visit Pier 1 – one of the best restaurants with a phenomenal view!

12   Margaritaville

Sea, sun, action, cocktails, a water slide on the roof, and a water park can be found at Margaritaville. Whether it's for a delicious meal, a great cocktail, water fun, or all of the above – you'll definitely have fun here.

13   Mystic Mountain

Games, fun, excitement, a fantastic view and lots of flora and fauna describe Mystic Mountain pretty well. The chairlift takes you high above “Ochi”. You can let off steam in a climbing park.

Enjoy a zipline ride, watch beautiful hummingbirds and learn about Jamaica's rum history at the museum. Enjoy a delicious cup of Blue Mountain coffee with a great view over Ocho Rios, swim in the infinity pool, and set records on the water slide.

Do you remember the movie Cool Runnings? It's based on a true story – there really is a Jamaican bobsled team, and you can experience the fun and action on the wooden bobsled track in the middle of the jungle.

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14   Doctor's Cave Beach

One of the most famous beaches is Doctor's Cave Beach, with light fine sand and clear water. A famous osteopath claimed in the early 1920s that the water had healing powers, and since then, it has become even more popular. Absolutely worth a visit. If you don't like it crowded, don't visit the beach when a cruise ship is docked. You will also find changing rooms, restaurants, and souvenir stores.

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15   Bamboo Rafting Martha Brae River

Rafting on the Martha Brae River is relaxing and super romantic. Just sit back and enjoy the beautiful Jamaican scenery as the bamboo raft makes its way down the Martha Brae River.

Before heading out, stop by the Martha Brae Rafting Village for a delicious cold drink, souvenir shopping, and a look at the beautiful healing and herb garden.

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