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The 15 BEST Things to Do in Negril

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There is so much to see and experience here. But, what are the top tourist attractions in Negril? We've tried (almost all) tourist attractions and day trips. Tip #1: Definitely don't just stay at your resort, and explore more than just Seven Mile Beach.

We have written down all our favorite places with our insider tips in Negril and picked out suitable offers. So you know not only the highlights and hidden gems of the city, but also the prices and can book directly from here. There is a lot to discover – “Cum pon lets guh! Ya mon!”

1   Seven Mile Beach

You'll find a piece of paradise here. Imagine the clearest water and the finest sand in the world, and you have a rough idea of how beautiful Seven Mile Beach is.

In addition, there are beautiful sunsets every evening, and the sky slowly turns into shades of yellow, orange, and red. Postcard idyll. No wonder, it is chosen every year as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

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2   Water Sport

If you're looking for a bit of sport and action, how about water-skiing, banana boating, sailing, kayaking, or a tour on a glass-bottom boat? Aboard this unique boat, where the bottom is transparent, the ride goes over reefs and corals, us shoals of tropical fish and rays.

You can easily book your tour in advance or negotiate with the captains on the beach. Do you want more action? How about parasailing or jet skiing? The water sports offered at Seven Mile Beach really leave nothing desired. Have fun!

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3   Rick's Café

So, does your heart almost stop at the sight of the cliff divers? Or do you belong to the death-defying ones and jump practically right after them? Just by the way, that's about 36 ft (11 m) down.

Rick's Café has been in Negril since 1974. It was the first bar of its kind on the West End Cliffs, and from the beginning, everyone loved the fantastic sunset view. There is live music every night, and the food and cocktails taste even better with the incredible view.

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4   Negril's Cliffs

These picturesque cliffs rising from Negril Beach are the outstanding snorkeling and diving spot. At their highest point, the limestone cliffs reach 40 feet (12 meters). They have often served as a backdrop in movies; for example, in James Bond – “Thunderball.” Some charming resorts have been built on the cliffs and offer a phenomenal view of the ocean and the sunset. The Rockhouse Hotel restaurant is highly recommended.

5   Barney's Flower & Hummingbird Garden

Amidst the greenest trees and most colorful flowers is Barney's Flower & Hummingbird Garden. It's a paradise for hummingbird fans – and for hummingbirds as well. Upon arrival, you'll receive a bottle of nectar to feed the hummingbirds. It's a fascinating and phenomenal experience to watch these tiny wonders of nature fly up to your bottle and drink. You can watch them up close and personal. Bombastic, breathtaking!

6   Kool Runnings Adventure Waterpark

A fun and action-packed place for young and old. From water slides and raft rides to paintball and go-karting, this is the place to get your kicks. And for the youngest guests, there's a dedicated water playground: Capt. Mikie's Coconut Island. Jamaica's largest water park has really steep, insanely fast, exceptionally long water slides equipped with light effects and even bobsled air tires. You're just spoiled for choosing which one you want to slide down first. For us, fries are always part of such a day; they are also available here in the restaurant. Enjoy it!

7   Half Moon Beach

Be sure to visit Half Moon Beach. Its heavenly turquoise waters and fine sand, along with the hammocks and sun loungers, invite you to pure relaxation. The offshore reef and its inhabitants are among the most beautiful on the island, be sure to check it out! A delicious coconut and freshly grilled lobster are also waiting for you. By the way, you can stay overnight in one of the tiny houses directly at the water – enjoy paradise to the fullest.

8   Mayfield Falls

Mayfield Falls is a beautiful cascading waterfall. A bit smaller, but with fewer tourists than Dunn's River Falls. With more than 20 pools, you can enjoy the silence of nature, watch exotic birds and butterflies, and listen to the sound of the water. Also, be sure to check out the gorgeous botanical garden and enjoy the restaurant in this beautiful, idyllic spot.
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9   Catamaran Tour

This tour offers everything: nature, relaxation, sailing, snorkeling, and a phenomenal sunset. Get on the catamaran and enjoy the view over the Caribbean Sea, the sun on your skin, and the fantastic view of the Negril coast.

Let us show you the fascinating underwater world and swim in natural pools. Jump off the cliffs at Rick's Café and enjoy the beautiful sunset.

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10   Blue Hole Mineral Spring

It's truly a hole in the ground. To be more precise, it's a limestone cave filled with mineral water and combined with an extra thrill, if you like. Because you can climb down the 22 feet (6.7 meters) into the cooling water on a ladder or, here comes the extra kick, jump down. Did you know that water is said to have healing properties? There is also a swimming pool fed by the spring.
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11   Zip Line Through The Jungle

How about fun and action in the jungle? Swing from platform to platform with zip lines, enjoy the cool breeze and the lush landscape. A bird's eye view of Jamaica.

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12   ATV Tour

You get fun, action, and adventure on the ATV tour. It goes uphill and downhill, with beautiful panoramic views of the coast of Jamaica and the lush landscape of Jamaica. In between, the guide will explain and show you the local flora and fauna, and you can drive through puddles and get really wet if you like. You can combine it very well with zip lining.

13   Dunn's River Falls

Dunn's River Falls is located near Ocho Rios and is one of the most popular day trips from Negril. What's so special about these falls? Well, you can climb them without ropes or even wetsuits. That's because Mother Nature has shaped the limestone cliffs into the shape of stairs. An adventure playground for young and old.

Water Shoes are necessary, and you can also get them on site. There are several entrances and exits, but the most ingenious start from the very bottom. There, where the river flows into the sea. By the way, it is one of the few beaches in the world where a waterfall flows directly into the sea.

There is also a really nice water park for children, with water slides, a climbing park with zip lines, cafés and restaurants and handicrafts by local artists.

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14   Black River and Floyd's Pelican Bar Tour

One of the most brilliant tours in all of Jamaica. First, you go to the Black River, there you can see the impressive, huge crocodiles up close. The Black River is truly black, which is due to its bottom. You see many birds, partly whole trees are full of birds. Our favorite is the Jesus Bird, it's called that because it can walk on water.

After the Black River, we go to a bar. Doesn't it sound special? I understand. But now, imagine the craziest place for a bar, right in the middle of the ocean. No way. Yes, there is.

Floyd's Pelican Bar is really and truly in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. What you can build out of driftwood, palm fronds, junk, and old wood on a few stilts, you can see here. At first, it was just a little hangout for him and his fisherman friends, then the tourists came, but the bar hadn't lost any of its vibes. Be sure to bring a memento and decorate the bar with it. Or have your name immortalized in the planks.

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15   Glistening Waters

A few things on a child’s wish list are as unreal as a unicorn can be. So is swimming in glistening waters, isn't it? You really can because tiny organisms make it possible. As soon as you move in the water, the microorganisms feel “disturbed,” and so they shimmer, glitter, and glow in the water in the most beautiful bright blue.

It is truly absolutely gigantic and indescribable how beautiful it looks. This place is simply magical. You feel like you're in another world, just incredibly impressive. When you let the water run down your hand, it glitters like millions of tiny blue shining stars. This phenomenon is super rare in the world, and here you can even swim in it. Be sure to check the weather because you'll see very little to nothing after rain or a full moon.

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