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Tour to Devon House – Travel Guide & Tips

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What to Expect

George Stiebel, Jamaica's first black millionaire, had Devon House built in 1881. A masterpiece of Caribbean architecture, a wonderful blend of the Caribbean and Georgian architecture. Today, you can take a heritage tour to see what luxurious life was like more than 130 years ago.

But it almost didn't come to this because after the death of the Stiebel family, it was sold several times, and there were plans for demolition. But the government acted quickly and bought it, and it was restored for years. It was officially declared a national monument by the Jamaica National Heritage Trust in 1990.

On your tour of the house, you can see every room, even the ballroom. You'll find an extensive collection of Jamaican, English, and French antiques. It's an exciting look at Jamaican history, like a trip back in time.

After the tour, browse through the small stores around it. The chocolate paradise, the bakery, the gift store, and the restaurant. Of course, no visit to Devon House is complete without trying I Scream's world-famous ice cream.

According to National Geographic, it is one of the top ten ice cream stores in the world. Whether it's the classic Rum & Raisin or Pistachio, Mango, Coconut, or the beer-based flavor called Devon Stout.

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A wonderful house that takes you back to the old days, and the antiques are fascinating too. Not many houses like this, let alone inventory like this. The garden and little stores are delightful, and there is much to explore and sample here. Well, the ice cream parlor “I Scream” almost deserves its own report. Just remember: the ice cream tastes fantastic, and queuing is so worth it. The house and its garden are partially accessible, but the house is two-story.

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Duration & Cost

Organized Tour

We recommend you book different tours and combine the highlights of Kingston. Kingston is not the safest city in the world, and with a tour, you can safely and comfortably visit all the sights and always have a guide by your side. There are tours of different lengths; the longer, the more sights. The tour at Devon House lasts about 30 minutes.


Organized tours start at around 60 US-Dollar, including transportation. We recommend combined tours to make better use of time.

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You can visit the outdoor area, the small stores, and the ice cream parlor without paying an entrance fee. You can also book a guided tour on-site. It lasts about 30 minutes.


To see the beautiful Devon House from the inside, you have to pay an entrance fee of around 15 US-Dollar per person.

Where to Stay Near Devon House?

How to Get There

Organized Tour

With an organized tour, you don't have to worry about anything. You will be picked up, you will have your guide with you, and you will be safer in a group than alone. Between the attractions, you will be driven and, of course, brought back to your accommodation.


You can walk there, take a rental car or a cab. However, there are no pedestrian lights, and the traffic is enormous. If you take a taxi, check the price before you go.

What to Pack

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